Tennessee Lawsuit Advances – A Quick Overview

Jun 01, 2010

If you live in Tennessee and have reason to file a lawsuit for the following types of cases, you may be eligible for a lawsuit advance.
  • Personal Injury (including slip and fall accidents, dog bites, burn injuries, assault, transportation accidents, and railroad or maritime claims)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Wrongful Death/Accidental Death
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Nursing Home Abuse/Elder Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Class Action Settled Cases
  • Bad Faith Insurance
For the most part, any case that an attorney takes on a contingency fee basis can possibly qualify for lawsuit advance funding. It is also feasible to receive advance funding for Expert Witness Testimony and any resulting expenses incurred to provide this service.

Tennessee Lawsuit Advance – The Process

If you have decided to file a lawsuit in Tennessee, you should discuss your options for advanced funding with your attorney. One of your options is to choose to talk with representatives of Lawsuit Hotline Services, LLC. Lawsuit Hotline.com provides a host of information that can help you make a decision regarding whether to apply for advanced funding.
The first step in the process is an interview between you or your attorney and representatives of Lawsuit Hotline. They will need information about you and specifics about your case, including police reports and medical records if pertinent to your lawsuit. Lawsuit Hotline will assess your chances of winning the lawsuit and, based on that, will determine if you are eligible to receive lawsuit advance funding. If an offer is extended to you, you do not have to accept it if you change your mind. As well, you do not have to accept the amount they offer if you want to opt for a lesser funding amount. If you do accept their offer, a contract agreement will be sent to your attorney’s office. Once properly executed and signed, this agreement should be returned to Lawsuit Hotline. A check will then be sent to you. A rate will be charged until such time as you win your lawsuit and the money is repaid.
Advanced lawsuit funding can help you pay bills now, as opposed to having to wait for an interminable and undetermined time when your lawsuit might reach a conclusion. In some cases, this could take months; in other cases, perhaps years. Depending on your circumstances, you could very well need money now to help with daily expenses or medical expenses. The advance may be used any way you see fit, but it is highly recommended that you pay necessary expenses and not use it for frivolous expenditures. Having this cash available can ease your mind about financial worries during this stressful time.
When your lawsuit has reached a successful conclusion and has settled in your favor, your attorney will take the money advanced from your settlement and send it to Lawsuit Hotline to pay them back. If, however, your lawsuit does not conclude successfully, you are under no obligation to repay the money that Lawsuit Hotline has advanced you. This is called “non-recourse” funding. You can rest assured that if and when Lawsuit Hotline decides you are eligible for an advance, they will have looked at your case and decided that it had a good chance of winning a positive verdict in your favor.