West Virginia Lawsuit
– Obtaining the Settlement Funding You Need

Jun 01, 2010

If you have filed a West Virginia lawsuit and won your case, after waiting the undeniably long time for the legal process to work, you still may not see any funds forthcoming any time soon. Paperwork can take a long time to process. Fortunately, Lawsuit Hotline Enterprises, LLC stands ready to assist you. Settlement financing is designed to help during the time you win your settlement and the time you actually receive your settlement funds.

If you have filed a personal injury, auto accident, workers compensation, wrongful death, or any of numerous types of other lawsuits in West Virginia, you likely have already spent a great deal of time waiting for the legal system to process your case. Even after your lawsuit concludes favorably for you, it may take quite a while for the payment process to go through all the proper channels until it reaches you. Lawsuit Hotline.com can help provide you with enough money to see you through any financial needs in the interim.
Oftentimes, depending on your situation and the reason for your lawsuit, you may be experiencing injuries that have left you unable to work. You probably, therefore, have no other resources for income. Your bills, of course, aren’t able to be put “on hold” until you win your settlement and receive the funds awarded to you. Lawsuit Hotline provides the option of applying for settlement funding to help you through financial rough patches until the money finally does arrive at your door.
After a relatively short application process which includes a phone interview between representatives of Lawsuit Hotline and you or your attorney, they will be able to tell you if you are eligible for an advanced settlement funding. Information and documentation with regard to your case must be provided to Lawsuit Hotline to help them ascertain if your case can qualify for settlement funding. Cases that are already settled and just awaiting payment of the funds require a letter from your attorney stating the gross amount of your settlement. This statement needs to include any fees, expenses, or other liens against the settlement that will be taken from the gross amount, so that Lawsuit Hotline will know the exact amount of your net settlement.
If you are approved for funding, the offer will be made via telephone conversation with you and/or your attorney. You can choose to accept the amount they offer, or if you so wish, you can choose to accept a lesser amount of funding. Lawsuit Hotline will then forward an agreement to your attorney’s office. Once it has been signed and returned, a check will be sent to you. This interim funding will have a fee attached, but rest assured that Lawsuit Hotline works with its funders to ensure that the lowest rate possible is extended to you.
When your settlement funds finally come through, your attorney will repay Lawsuit Hotline from those funds before passing the remainder on to you. Having this cash in the interim while you are waiting for the proverbial dust to settle on the money from your successful lawsuit can make all the difference in the quality of your daily life.