Accident Lawsuit Funding in Connecticut

Jun 01, 2010
Every day, you face the possibility of an accident when you step outside your home. Of course, accidents can occur within the home as well. Whether you are going to work, the store, running errands, or going to an entertainment venue, circumstances can arise that could involve you in an accident. It could be an automobile accident, or involve pedestrians or another form of transportation, or a number of other events that could be called an “accident.”
If you are involved in a car accident, you may have sustained personal injuries as well as damage to your vehicle and/or perhaps even caused property damage. Being involved in an accident can be traumatic and if the other person involved is uninsured, that can make the situation worse. Any number of situations could arise that would necessitate the need for you to file a lawsuit. If that occurs, you will need as much help as you can get to see you through this normally lengthy legal process.
Other types of accident situations can also make filing a lawsuit against another party essential to cover any injuries or damages you sustained. If you can’t come to an agreement with the other party about compensation, a lawsuit may be the only way to proceed to resolve open issues and obtain closure for the situation.
If you experience an accident in Connecticut, Lawsuit has the ability to help with lawsuit funding when you file a lawsuit. Lawsuits can take an incredibly long time to reach a conclusion. During that time, you may find yourself financially strapped from not being able to work as a result of the accident and injuries that you sustained as a direct result. You have bills to pay and daily living expenses that need to be met. If the accident was not your fault, you shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of undeserved financial burdens that may fall on your shoulders.
Lawsuit Hotline Services, LLC can assist in providing funding for you while you are awaiting the conclusion of your lawsuit. You can use this money to pay bills that might be piling up, for daycare costs if you have children, for gas and meal purchases that may stem from the many hours/trips you may need to spend in court to get your case resolved, or any way you wish that will help you out. These funds cannot be used, however, to pay any legal fees. The advance is designed to help you with your daily needs.
What happens when you file for lawsuit funding from Lawsuit in Connecticut? Representatives from Lawsuit Hotline will ask for documentation about your case so they can make an informed decision as to the possibility for a successful outcome. If your case is approved for funding, they will issue a contract that you and your attorney will need to sign. When the case is resolved, your attorney will repay the advanced funding from the settlement received. And, here’s the best part, if you should happen not to win your case, you don’t have to pay the advanced money back. This is called “non-recourse” funding.