Attorney Referrals for Lawsuit Advances

We are a pro-plaintiff firm committed to financially empowering your clients to pursue their cases in order to get the maximum settlements they deserve. By offering discreet and appropriate lawsuit advances, your clients will no longer have to succumb to financial pressure and take the first “lowball” offer.

A larger settlement results in more money to your client and a larger fee for your firm. By creating a win-win scenario and by providing excellent service, we hope to earn your trust and become a ready resource for your firm. And with our price guarantee, you can feel confident that your clients are getting the best deal.

The Industry

Non-recourse, contingent legal funding is a legal and ethical financial resource for your firm and its clients. Lawsuit advances are not loans since the funds advanced are entirely “at hazard.” Specifically, the obligation to repay is not absolute as it is contingent solely upon a recovery on the case. Rather, a lawsuit advance is actually a purchase of a portion of the proceeds that may flow from the case or action. Legal funding liens are always subordinate to your attorney fees and costs.

Our Pledge

  • To hold our business to the highest ethical standards.
  • To respect your time and office procedures.
  • To never pressure your client to accept an advance.
  • To educate clients that legal funding is expensive compared with other types of financing and should only be used as a last resort.


Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with your states ethics opinion regarding legal funding.


We take pride in the fact that attorney referrals represent a large percentage of our business. We hope that you will consider us for all of your funding needs and sincerely appreciate any referrals that you send us.

Attorney Funding

A law firm may from time to time encounter short term cash needs.  Securing traditional financing from a traditional banking institution can take weeks or even months.  With our streamlined process we can quickly evaluate your case load and provide financing up to $100,000+ within a few days.

Funding Products

  • Settled Case Funding
  • Pending Contingency Fee Case Funding
  • Appellate Case Funding
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