What You Should Know About
Sexual Harassment in Las Vegas

Mar 15, 2010

A very long time ago, it was thought almost normal for a man to be able treat a woman without respect and get away with it. It wasn’t uncommon for a woman to be sexually assaulted and for the law to not care. In some countries, this still is, unfortunately, the case, but not in the United States. Fortunately things have changed, and now sexual assault and sexual harassment are two things that are taken seriously. Often people who work in the bright lights of Las Vegas have a hard time filing a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Sexual Harassment in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known by many as sin city. In Las Vegas, things happen that would never happy anywhere else, which may be why so many people let all of their inhibitions go while they are there.  Sometimes they might do things that they would never do in their normal daily life, which may include sexually harassing another person. But many times people who work in Las Vegas, or who go there to vacation, feel as though they’re not able to file a sexual harassment lawsuit because of the reputation that the city has.
Even though Las Vegas has a reputation as being a place where anything is okay, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for a woman or man to stand by while they’re being sexually harassed. Sexual harassment can be defined in a number of ways. According to the law, sexual harassment can be anything from being spoken to in a certain way, to being touched when you do not want to be touched. And now, in today’s digital age, sexual harassment can even include receiving sexually explicit texts or emails when you have been telling the other person that you want nothing to do with them and have been doing everything you could not to encourage them.

What to Do

If you have been sexually harassed, you should not stand for it. No one should tolerate sexual harassment. The first thing to do, if you’re being sexually harassed in the workplace, is to inform your immediate supervisor or the human resources department. It is their job to try and work out situations like sexual harassment in the workplace. But sometimes they’re not able to do so to your satisfaction. If this is the case, or if you’re being sexually harassed by someone when you’re not at work, it’s time to think about a sexual harassment lawsuit.
In order to have a successful sexual harassment lawsuit, you need to have a good lawyer and evidence. That means if you’re receiving texts or emails, you need to keep them, and if you’re being touched inappropriately, you should see if there were any witnesses and you should write down every time that something happened. A good lawyer can help you get the person who is sexually harassing you to stop and may also be able to get you remuneration for your pain and suffering as well.  During the time it takes for this legal process to play out, you may be in need of financial support and assistance to help pay for bills. If you are so emotionally distraught that you can’t work, you may need with help paying your bills. Lawsuit funding can help you by giving you an advance on your lawsuit settlement. Visit www.lawcapital.com to learn more.