Need Financial Assistance While Filing
A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

Mar 15, 2010

Most Americans work very hard to do a good job at work. However, sometimes mistakes happen or people just don’t live up to their potential and they are terminated from their position. But what if you feel that you were fired for reasons other than just not doing your job properly? Some unscrupulous employers will fire employees illegally for a number of different reasons. These things can be an employee becoming pregnant, an employee not being responsive to sexual harassment, or because of racial or ethnic bias against an employee.

If you feel you were fired for one of these reasons or for another illegal reason, you may wish to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Such a lawsuit would allege that the employer fired you for something illegal that had nothing to do with your work as an employee. There are very specific, important rules that have been put in place by federal law that employers must follow. These laws have been adopted after years of advocacy by employee activists and unions.
One of the main concerns that terminated employees often have when they are illegally fired is that they do not have a job and need money to pay their bills. The problem is that lawsuits against employers for wrongful termination can take years to make their way through the courts. Even if you were fired for the most illegal reason possible and you can prove it, you still have to wait for things to take their course before you get and money damages awarded.
If you need financial assistance while you are waiting for your settlement from your wrongful termination claim, you may want to talk with Lawsuit Hotline. They are a company who has been in business for many years, focusing on giving money to people who have pending legal claims. It may sound a bit confusing that a company will just give you money, even though you haven’t won your case yet, but it is true.
Lawsuit Hotline may be able to give you an advance on your lawsuit. They will look at your case and determine whether you will likely win once your case finally goes to court or whether your case is meritless. If they determine that you have a good case, they will have you sign a contract. This contract will spell out all the details of your agreement to them. It will include the amount they will be funding you, any fees that you are responsible for, and the terms under which you will have to repay the money. Typically, if you lose your lawsuit, you are not required to give them back all the money they funded you.
You know that you were wronged by your employer. Don’t let them continue to ruin your life by preventing you from getting the money you deserve to help pay your bills and keep your family afloat. Financial assistance may be available and could be the key to aiding you until you can find a new job.