Jacksonville Slip and Fall Lawsuit Advance

Mar 15, 2010

Life is full of challenges, and some of them happen unexpectedly. Almost everyone loves surprises, but not when the surprise consists of an accident. Especially unwelcome, is an accident that leaves someone injured in some way.

If you live in Jacksonville and have been the victim of a slip and fall accident, you may be interested in some of your options for financial restitution. Maybe you have already decided to begin a lawsuit involving your accident. Maybe it has already been filed and has begun the process of being settled. Even if you have already filed your lawsuit, and it has not gone very far yet, you may be eligible for a lawsuit advance from Lawsuit Hotline.

Jacksonville is a great city to live in or near, but when you are injured in a fall, some of your enjoyment of city life may be hindered. Not only that, some of the expenses of maintaining the lifestyle you are used to may get out of hand because of your possible loss of income when you have to miss work or are limited as to what you can do physically while you recover.

When you file your lawsuit, you will include asking for money due to you. That includes lost wages and medical expenses. But did you know that the money you ask for in your lawsuit in Jacksonville, may also include things such as child care for the time spent in the lawsuit, emotional and mental distress, loss of sleep, and anything else that may have been effected by your accident. Slip and fall accidents may leave you with some physical problems that you are able to include too.

Lawsuits in Jacksonville for slip and fall accidents may qualify for a lawsuit advance. Taking advantage of a lawsuit advance would help you financially while you wait for your case to settle. Not only that, it would be something that you may use for anything you decide on. You can pay your bills, both current and new, take care of child care if necessary, replace anything you own that may have been damaged when you fell, or anything else you want to use it for.

Whether you slipped on a wet floor in a restaurant, fell down some stairs that were icy, tripped over a child’s toy that had been left on the sidewalk in front of a house, or fell from a railing that was not strong enough to support you holding it to balance yourself, if you were hurt by a slipping or falling incident, and it was due to negligence by someone else, you may have an excellent chance of settling your lawsuit.

Lawsuit Hotline lawsuit advances for slip and fall lawsuits in Jacksonville are easy to apply for. Once you have filed your application, the process will go by quickly. Approval is usually within a day or so, and the money could be available to you on the same day you are approved.