Pittsburgh Pedestrian Accident
May Qualify For Lawsuit Advance

Mar 22, 2010

Being in pain is not fun. Anyone would agree with that. Being in pain from an accident, especially when you were a pedestrian who was in an accident, can be especially scary and painful.

Pittsburgh Pedestrian Accident Help

If you live in Pittsburgh and have begun the process of a pedestrian accident lawsuit, you may be entitled to receiving help from Lawsuit Hotline. Lawsuit Hotline is a lawsuit advance company that helps people in the Pittsburgh area when there is a financial need during a lawsuit. Plaintiffs are given the opportunity to apply for an advance while they are waiting for their lawsuits to settle.

When you are the plaintiff in a pedestrian accident, whether you are in Pittsburgh or someplace else, you will have some financial needs that may not have been expected. Whether you were hit by a car while crossing the street, whether you were jogging and were the unfortunate pedestrian who was way too close to an auto accident, or any other form of pedestrian accident, you may be eligible to receive an advance for your lawsuit when you apply through Lawsuit Hotline.

Some of the things you may have included in your decision to begin a lawsuit may have presented more of an immediate need for finances. Medical treatment from injuries you sustained in the accident, physical therapy costs to take care of your injuries, loss of employment or days off the job, due to injuries from the accident, and any other costs that came about because of your injuries, all may be included in the settlement you ask for.

Your lawyer can help you determine everything, but did you know that there are other things to consider when talking to him about the lawsuit? You will want to consider including pain, emotional trauma, child care costs, transportation needs while the lawsuit is going on, and anything else that makes your financial need greater because of the accident.

Lawsuit Hotline is easy to apply to for a lawsuit advance when you have been in a pedestrian accident. The approval rate is good, and after you are approved you may have your advance on the same day. When you receive your advance, you may use it any way you want or need to.

Pedestrian accidents in Pittsburgh, don’t have to make life more difficult while you wait for your settlement to come through. You can have some of your financial needs met almost immediately when you are approved for a lawsuit advance through Lawsuit Hotline. Our experts in lawsuit funding can answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can even offer help in filling out the application if you need it.

If you qualify, you can have the help you need, with a simple application. Financing is not something to pass on if you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit. Taking care of your new immediate needs, as well as your normal day to day needs, will be possible when you are approved for your lawsuit advance.