Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful Death Facts

If your loved one was killed because of someone else’s negligence, please consider seeking expert legal counsel to sort through the details of your situation. If you must pursue legal recourse, Lawsuit Hotline can possibly help you through your financial obligations. Through pre-settlement financing, Lawsuit Hotline gives you access to the money you need now.

Wrongful death lawsuits mirror personal injury lawsuits very closely, with the exception of a resulting death rather than severe injury. State laws vary regarding who can sue for wrongful death, damages allowed, the status of an unborn child, and the effect of physician-patient privilege on a case.


Jeffrey Gray and Tanya Thomas, father and mother of Jarrel Gray, a 20-year-old, dead after being shocked by a Taser during an incident with members of the Frederick County, Maryland, Sheriff’s Department, filed a $145 million lawsuit for wrongful death. The Grays claim that the Taser shock constituted excessive force by the police and resulted in the unnecessary death of their son.

On July 17, 2009, a Maryland judge ruled that there was enough evidence to bring the case to trial. In this instance, the deputy involved was not charged criminally. However, the young man’s parents were eligible to file a wrongful death civil suit against the county.

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This Taser incident highlights a civilian complaint against a government entity, but what if the tragedy involves members of the same family?

Generally, the law prohibits one member of a family from bringing a wrongful death suit against another family member. As explained by FreeAdvice.com, “So if a battering husband inflicts a beating on his wife that results in her death, he is subject to criminal penalties, but the couple’s children can’t sue their father for Wrongful Death to recover damages for the loss of their mother’s care, nurturing, and support.”

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Many people that are involved in wrongful death lawsuits eventually face financial hardships. Emotional issues and scheduling make it difficult to work, and the legal process is long and drawn out. Some cases take many years to resolve. Lawsuit Hotline specializes in the funding of settled and pre-settled wrongful death lawsuits. During the funding process, Lawsuit Hotline requests some of the case documentation, underwriting evaluates the lawsuit to determine whether funding can be extended, and if approved, a contract is issued for the injured party and his/her attorney to sign. The injured party’s attorney then repays the lien when the case is resolved. All funding is non recourse, which means that if for any reason, there is no recovery on the case, then no money is owed back.