Pre Settlement Funding

Mar 22, 2010

What is pre settlement funding and how can it help me?

In the legal world pre settlement funding is like getting a cash advance for expenses you might incur while going through the legal process. You might have a personal injury that keeps you from working, or had an auto accident through no fault of your own. Without transportation, how will you get to work and manage your bills?

Lawsuit was created to help individuals as well as businesses in need of critical funding while going through a legal matter. Our staff is compassionate about helping others as well as being extremely knowledgeable about the sources of help to provide. In today’s economy we know that not very many businesses, let alone individuals, can afford to absorb the financial impact that a legal matter can bring. We strive to provide funding resources so that our client needs are taken care of completely.

Our program works with non – recourse lenders. This typically means you pay back your cash advance funds when you win your case. Because we work with multiple lenders, you are assured that you will get the most competitive rates and funds as quickly as possible. In some cases, our clients have received funds within 24 hours of applying.

What types of cases do we cover?

  • Animal & Dog Bites 
  • Boating Accidents 
  • Construction Accidents
  • Defective Products 
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents 
  • Product Liability
  • Slip & Fall 
  • Wrongful Death 

Of course, this is only a sample of the types of cases that our program covers. We have helped thousands of people have the peace of mind that they need to move forward even though going through such a difficult time.

So if you think you need help, how do you determine the amount of money to ask for? Discuss this with your attorney so that the office is aware that you are requesting the funding.

Your attorney can also assist with making sure that you are covering all of your expenses accurately. They will also need to provide information to our professionals so this will also prep them for the future requests.

Why use Lawsuit Hotline? 

Even if you have the financial resources to cover all costs and expenses, eventually you may run out of money. With the professional assistance from Lawsuit you don’t have to utilize all of your savings, you can get help. Remember that there is no obligation.

Other Services?

Of course! Lawsuit Hotline can provide businesses (and individuals) who have qualifying cases with assistance for funding. You don’t have to be a business owner to be able to utilize the great features of Lawsuit Hotline. We know that everyone needs help sometimes so that’s why we have an online presence for anyone that is interested in gaining a better hold on their situation. Visit us at Lawsuit today to find the resources and assistance that you need.