Labor Law Claims

Labor Law Claims Facts

Lawsuit Hotline can help bridge the financial gap between the filing and settlement of  labor law claims. Many people that are involved in litigation arising from a facet of labor law eventually face financial hardships. Many can’t work and the legal process is long and drawn out. Some cases take many years to resolve.

The body of law dealing with employers and employees is large. Disability insurance, non-disclosure agreements, collective bargaining agreements (unionization), overtime, wages, and time-off are all common points of confusion and/or discontent. Wrongful termination lawsuits also have roots here. The questions generated vary according to a person’s role.

Employees often question the legality of actions taken by a supervisor or upper management in a company. Employers are often concerned about increasing efficiency by trimming waste while minimizing exposure to labor struggles and lawsuits. Insurance companies paying disability claims demand extensive documentation and proof before long-term disability payments are approved.


Complaints against insurance companies serving long-term disability claims are common.

“I was told I was a liar and knew all along I had [multiple sclerosis],” Carolyn of Concord, NC, said in a complaint to “Now the medical bills are adding up and I am about to lose my home of 16 years. I want them to settle this now or explain to my children why they no longer can live in the only home they have ever lived in!”

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Often supervisors and low-level managers are left to sort out the logistics of complying with labor laws, such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Donna, Customer Service Manager at a mid-sized call center, confided to a supervisory team member that her past call center experience saw nearly 60% of the workforce enrolled on an FMLA plan in some capacity. Although the employer was bound by law to honor the 12 weeks of annual leave for each FMLA-approved employee, the potential burden went far beyond an occasional sick-day. The only recourse for the employer was to demand documentation of each absence, and try to creatively plan ahead for high absentee rates.


Lawsuit Hotline specializes in the funding of settled and pre-settled labor lawsuits. During the funding process, Lawsuit Hotline requests some of the case documentation, underwriting evaluates the lawsuit to determine whether funding can be extended, and if approved, a contract is issued for the injured party and his/her attorney to sign. The injured party’s attorney then repays the lien when the case is resolved. All funding is non recourse, which means that if for any reason, there is no recovery on the case, then no money is owed back.