Judgement Lawsuit

Judgements Facts

Collecting on judgments can be a complicated process. If you and your attorney are attempting to collect a judgment against a viable entity, consider judgment financing with Lawsuit Hotline to help alleviate financial pressures during the collection process.

Lawsuit Hotline will consider judgments against viable entities as long as the following criteria are met:

  1. You must be represented by an attorney on a contingency fee basis.
  2. Your judgment must not be against an individual.
  3. Your judgment cannot have been won through a default. A default judgment means that whoever you sued did not show up or defend the judgment.

There may be a clock ticking against you for collection of your judgment. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may have five or ten years to enforce the judgment. Sometimes a renewal is available. Whatever the situation, work with your attorney to actively pursue collection, or you may never see the money due to you.


Online law advice columns are full of questions from business owners and individuals waiting for money. There are even collection agencies that specialize in judgments.

Louisa is a good example. She sold her business, watched it run into the ground by the new owners, and never saw the full sale price – only a deposit. After winning a $220,000 judgment, she waited two years without seeing a penny. Then, she wrote into an online law advice column, and was told that she should seek an attorney’s help immediately and start aggressive collection proceedings, or she would likely continue to see no payment.


If you are in a similar situation to Louisa’s, and enduring financial hardship because of an uncollected judgment, Lawsuit Hotline may be able to help. Lawsuit Hotline will review documentation of your award, verify that it meets the three criteria above, and consider your situation for a possible financial advance. Please call our friendly staff before another day goes by without compensation for your initial loss.