Idaho and Workers Compensation

Jun 01, 2010

If you live in Idaho and have a need to file a worker’s compensation claim, Lawsuit Hotline may be able to help you with advanced funding to stay on top of your bills. For this to be a reasonable scenario, the final settlement funds in your case must be sent to your attorney’s trust account. Also, in third party claims, if you were injured on your job due to the negligence of someone other than your employer, your case may still qualify. Your attorney will be able to tell you if your workers compensation claim is deemed “third party” or not.
Lawsuit Hotline Services, LLC is in business to help you, the plaintiff, in your fight for justice by providing you with funds in advance of your case being settled. When you file a lawsuit, you can expect it to be a lengthy procedure. During this time, you may very well find yourself in need of cash to help with daily living expenses. Lawsuit can assist you with cash now, while you are still waiting for your lawsuit to conclude.
In Workers Compensation cases in Idaho, Lawsuit Hotline will need some information and documentation about the details of your case so they can make an informed decision about the chances of your lawsuit coming to a successful conclusion. You will need to provide: 1) a copy of the incident report; 2) a copy of your workers compensation petition; 3) copies of your medical records from the incident; and 4) the defendant’s insurance information. Medical records needed include X-rays, MRI reports, and any other treatment or procedures that were precipitated by the incident. They do not need your entire medical records; just the specific information as it relates to your case. They also do not contact the defendant or his/her insurer; they just need the information.
Whenever anyone is forced to enter a lawsuit to find justice or closure, you can expect that it will take a certain length of time; these cases can extend for months or even years. During this time of waiting, your bills and expenses do not wait – they continue to grow and can pile up. If you don’t have any money coming in, how do you go on living and meeting your daily obligations that do not stop with the advent of a lawsuit? Advance funding from Lawsuit Hotline can help. They are in business to provide just these services.
With the information and documentation given above, representatives from Lawsuit Hotline assess the chances of your lawsuit reaching a successful conclusion. There will be an initial call with you or your attorney. If your case is approved for advanced funding, an offer will be made via telephone either to you or your attorney. If you decide to accept the advanced funding offer, an agreement will be sent to your attorney’s office for signature. When the agreement is returned, a check will be sent. You may accept a lesser amount than is offered if you so wish. Advanced lawsuit funding is designed to help make your life easier.