What is an Attorney Line of Credit?

Mar 22, 2010

Lawsuit Hotline is a leading lawsuit funding firm that offers advances at competitive rates. You can apply through the company’s web site for an attorney line of credit. The company’s funders will decide whether to approve the advance and the amount they are willing to give you based on fees you expect to receive from your open cases and your case history.

There are other benefits to opening an attorney line of credit other than simply fixing your cash-flow problems. By using Lawsuit Hotline, you have access to millions of dollars that you don’t have to use for a specific case. You can use the money to expand your business or even help pay personal expenses.

The money you get can help give you the resources you need to effectively manage your case, hire the best expert witnesses
and staff to help win your case. It also allows you to take on new cases before your big case is resolved.

All these benefits can be yours with little to no risk to you.

Here’s how working with Lawsuit Hotline would go: you apply for a line of credit online and your application is sent to the company’s independent underwriters.

You don’t have to be a small-town small town attorney to benefit from a line of credit. Some law firms have taken on many expensive cases that can take a long time to settle. A line of credit makes it easier to manage these cases without draining the firm’s financial resources. Lawsuit Hotline offers many funding solution to help your firm through a busy time including: appeals financing, post-settlement financing, and class action lawsuit funding. You can draw on this money as needed.

Lawsuit Hotline also has ways to help your clients with lawsuit advances to help them pay for their daily expenses or legal fees. But anything owed to Lawsuit Hotline is second to the fees your client owes to you. For more information on lawsuit funding, visit the company’s Web site at www.Lawsuit Hotline.com.