Lawsuit Funding Options in Milwaukee

Mar 22, 2010

Money is an important part of life; it’s just a fact. In all reality, there is no reasonable way to live in America without having money. Even a little bit of money can help when there is financial need. Sometimes the need for money is even more evident than it is normally. When work is missed because of an accident, when someone dies and you miss work because of bereavement, or when you are incapacitated by a personal injury, the need you have for money may be more demanding than normal.

Those are some of the reasons why lawsuits occur. If you live in Milwaukee and are the plaintiff in a lawsuit, there are some funding options that you may want to consider. Lawsuit funding may be able to make your life easier. It would give you the money you need to live life as normal, while waiting for your lawsuit to settle. Lawsuit funding may offer you the opportunity to continue paying your bills on time, taking care of immediate needs that may arise during your lawsuit, and helping you with any other financial needs that you may have.

The options you have for lawsuit funding are not limited to the traditional loans with which you may be familiar. Bank loans have their place, and may be necessary for some things, but they are not the only option when you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit. Lending institutions have their place — lending money to be paid back in monthly installments. Those installments, however, always include interest, which sometimes can be calculated with fairly high rates.

What Lawsuit Hotline offers is not a normal, traditional loan. It is, in fact, an advance which is contingent on your case being settled and won. That means that when you apply for a lawsuit advance in Milwaukee, and are approved, you only have to pay back your advance if your case wins. It’s that simple; you take an advance, and when your case settles, you pay it back. If your case doesn’t win, you don’t pay it back. We are, in essence, taking a risk on you and your lawsuit.

Milwaukee residents who are involved as the plaintiff in a lawsuit have more options now with the possibility of a lawsuit advance. Life is made easier, and your finances will not suffer along with you, when you apply for, and are approved for, a lawsuit advance with Lawsuit Hotline. The types of lawsuits that are eligible for this kind of advance in Milwaukee are not limited. Auto accidents, birth injury cases, medical malpractice, third party lawsuits, slip and fall lawsuits, and wrongful death lawsuits are all examples of some of the types of lawsuits we will fund.

If you are involved with a lawsuit, we may be able to help you with a lawsuit advance. You can apply online and receive our decision in a very short timeframe. When we decide that your application is approved, you may even receive your advance the same day. Money problems can be solved when you don’t have to wait until your lawsuit settles to receive the money you need now.