Personal Injury Needs Met Early
With Lawsuit Advance

Mar 22, 2010

The trauma and pain you go through when you suffer from a personal injury due to an accident or neglect should not be added to by financial problems while you are in the midst of a lawsuit to receive your settlement.

That’s why we are here. We can help meet your personal injury financial needs before your case settles. We offer advance lawsuit funding, which is an advance on at least a portion of your expected settlement.

Having a personal injury case is something that may result in not only a loss of income, but additional financial demands being placed on you, some of which you may not have expected to encounter during the lawsuit. When you are being stretched to keep up with your normal day to day expenses of life, and come up with the finances to deal with the problems associated with your injuries or accident, applying for a lawsuit advance may be the best and most logical thing you can do.

When you have a personal injury case, you may experience financial hardship due to circumstances beyond your control. Some of the financial changes you may experience may be looked at as something to be compensated for in the lawsuit. Whatever your needs from your case, some can be met with help from a lawsuit advance.

If you have additional temporary or ongoing medical expenses, lost wages, physical therapy expenses, counseling needs, pain, suffering from injuries or emotionally, damages to your property, and other expenses that must come out of your pocket, these things will be a portion of the expected settlement, and we may be able to advance against them while you wait for your case to settle.

When you receive a lawsuit advance, you may use the advance funding to keep the unexpected expenses paid so they don’t pile up. You may also use some of the money you receive to pay for other expenses, such as your legal needs or keeping your bills paid while you wait.

There is nothing worse than knowing you have money coming, and not being able to take care of your immediate financial needs. When you have a good case, and have a settlement coming to you, why wait when we can help? Applying for an advance is easy. You can also usually get your money on the next day after you are approved.

Having your needs met can help take some of the pain out of personal injury lawsuits, when you come to us for help with a lawsuit advance. We will try to help with what you need, now.

Some of the things we can help with include, cases that have not been settled yet, business and commercial cases funding, personal injury funding, and structured settlements. When you apply and are approved for a lawsuit advance, you can have your personal injury needs met early. After all, life has to go on, even during a lawsuit. Don’t let the additional expenses make life harder than it already is. Take care of those needs now, with help from us.