Wrongful Termination Lawsuits and Lawsuit Funding

Mar 17, 2010

In today’s economy there are more wrongful termination lawsuits than ever. This is likely because many companies are fighting from going belly-up and are getting rid of their employees as quickly as they can, often doing so in an illegal way. If you are someone who has been wrongfully terminated, you may have the right to take your former employer to court in order to get money from them that you would otherwise have been able to earn if they had not terminated you. But before we go further into that, let’s discuss what a wrongful termination is.

Wrongful Termination

When you work for a company, you may be required to sign paperwork that states that you understand what is required of you while you’re working for the company. Most companies have very specific rules that they do not want to have broken, including rules about not showing up for work or doing illegal activities while you’re working. If you break these rules, rules that you are aware of and have been aware of since you were hired, then the company has the right to terminate your employment. If you frequently break some of the smaller rules that you are also aware of, including things like being tardy too often, the company has the right to fire you as well. In these cases you will have very little chance of winning a wrongful discharge lawsuit, as you were not wrongfully discharged.
If, however, you are a good employee who has followed all of the rules that the company has set down and you have been terminated, you may have the right to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Many times people are wrongfully terminated for reasons that are unknown to them. One day they are working their job and the next they find that they’ve received a pink slip for no valid reason.

Wrongful Discharge Lawsuit

A wrongful discharge lawsuit is a legal matter that you file with the court. During this lawsuit your lawyer would prove to the court that you were wrongfully terminated. When you win a wrongful termination lawsuit, you may be able to receive a settlement from the company that includes the amount that you would have earned if you had continued to work for the company, or even a settlement that gives you far more than that.

Unfortunately wrongful discharge lawsuits can take some time to get through the court system, and during that time the legal process can have a large impact on the plaintiff and the family. Their finances will be harmed for a variety of reasons and they may find that they even have mental health problems due to being wrongfully terminated. You can, however, look to a lawsuit advance to help you to get through the time when your wrongful termination is in court. This advance allows you to be able to pay your bills without having reached a settlement yet, greatly reducing the amount of financial stress on your life.