Personal Injury Lawsuits:
Theme Park Accidents In Florida

Mar 16, 2010

We all seem to want to go faster and go higher than ever before, and that may be why there are so many new amusement park rides at theme parks. Most amusement park owners say that they try to bring in a new amusement at least once every two years, if not more often, so that they can keep their guests coming into the park and can keep them all happy. And lately the trend has been to create rides that are as fast, and as thrilling, as they can be. While riding on a fast and thrilling ride may be fun, it can also be extremely dangerous.

Fast Rides

Fast rides, like roller coasters, often rely on gravity and height to make you go fast or to scare you. Many times these rides have been tested dozens of times to make sure that they’re safe, but there are always situations that can occur which make you not safe. For instance you may be on a ride and you may get whiplash from the ride due to it malfunctioning, or you could even be hit by a shoe that is accidentally lost by a rider on a ride. You would think that, being on the ground, you wouldn’t have to worry about being harmed from an amusement park ride, but if you’ve been hit by a shoe in the middle of the park, you definitely have a personal injury lawsuit.

Theme Park Accidents In Florida

Florida has been known for having many amusement parks, likely due to the warm weather that frequents the state. That is why there are often more personal injury lawsuits stemming from amusement park accidents in Florida than anywhere else in the country.

What to Do

If you’ve been injured by an theme park accident, the first thing that you should do, after you’ve been treated, is to get the help of a lawyer. You should speak with a lawyer to see if you actually do have a case. In some cases you may not have a good personal injury case, as the ride may have warned you not to enter it if you have a specific condition. For instance if you have back issues, and you ride a ride that cautions people who have back issues against riding it, and then you have even more issues, you will likely not have a case. If, however, you are on a ride and are injured through no fault of your own, and there are no warnings on the ride, you will likely have a case.

A lawyer will know if you have a valid case or not. It is a good idea to pick a lawyer who has experience in dealing with amusement park lawsuits, so that you can rest easy knowing that the lawyer knows exactly what he’s doing and how to get you the most money. During the course of the case, you may need access to funds now, and in that case, consulting a lawsuit funding company like Lawsuit Hotline to apply for an advance on your settlement is a good idea.