Injury accidents suffered on property can be compensated under premise liability

Mar 16, 2010

Humans by nature are social creatures and love interacting with one another. The ideal summer for many folks is visiting family and friends every weekend for a barbecue and perhaps a swim in the pool. Nothing says togetherness like being invited to a friend’s home for a visit. However, even the most good-natured visits can end tragically when someone suffers an injury accident.

Most accidents happen in a home environment and this is because there can be so many unexpected dangers, especially if you are in another person’s home and unfamiliar with the property. Injury accidents suffered on another’s property could include a fall down the back stairs where there was a loose rock, a near-drowning in a pool that was not fenced off, or even a dog bite by a dog that the owner knew was unsafe to be around people.
Any of these types of injuries, as well as others that happen on another’s property, can be compensated under premise liability. The basic idea of premise liability is that the landowner has responsibility for conditions or activities on his property. Anything that he should have fixed, but didn’t, or should have made safe, but didn’t, is his responsibility if an injury results. It makes sense, given the old adage that “a man’s home is his castle.” A king would be no doubt responsible for anyone hurt in his castle, too.
Typically, if you want to sue an acquaintance for some injury that you obtained on his property, you will likely have to deal with the company that provides his homeowner’s insurance. Because your acquaintance likely cannot afford to pay you out-of-pocket for your damages, especially if it is a serious injury, he will use his insurance company to pay you. Of course, the insurance company may not be willing to quickly give you a payout, even if your acquaintance would like them to.
Often insurance companies will drag their feet and do whatever they can to not have to pay you for your injuries. They will try to negotiate with you to give you a lower amount than what you need to pay for your medical bills and other expenses. You will need to have a good attorney working on your side because the insurance companies are professionals at this kind of thing and you won’t be able to get a fair shake on your own. However, even with a good attorney working on your behalf, a settlement can still take time.
While you are waiting for the money to compensate you for your injuries, you might be angry that the money is not coming more quickly. One thing that you might want to consider in the meantime is lawsuit funding. This process is great in that you may be able to get the money now that you would have had to wait many months (or years) to obtain. Then, once you finally settle with the insurance company, the company gets reimbursed for the funding. Visit for more information.