Lawsuits Involving Taxi Accidents In NYC

Mar 16, 2010

Unlike a lot of other major cities, such as Los Angeles, a vast majority of the residents of New York City do not own or drive cars. They trust the reliable transit system, bicycles, or their own two feet to get to work, run errands, and go out to eat with friends. As a result, in times when they need to get somewhere in a hurry, or go somewhere outside the transit lines, they need to rely on taxi cabs.

Taxi cab drivers in New York City do not have the best reputation and, for the most part, for good reason. They are often driving too quickly, weaving in and out of lanes, and not properly yielding to pedestrians. This can cause trouble for other cars, pedestrians, bike riders, and even the passengers in the taxi. They cause accidents by rear-ending vehicles, forcing other cars to brake quickly and occasionally hit pedestrians or bicyclists.

Taxi Accidents in NYC 

If you live, work, or have visited New York City, you are no doubt familiar with the taxi drivers and their dangerous driving habits. There is a chance you have been involved in an accident with a taxi yourself. If that is true, you may have cause to file a lawsuit and sue for recovery from your injuries.
When you meet with a personal injury attorney about your case, one of the first things that he or she will need to figure out is who the cab driver works for. Some cab drivers are independent and work only for themselves, some are part of a large company, and some may even be run by the city. All of this will be important information to figure out so that you are suing the right person. Obviously, you are going to have an easier time seeing reimbursement if the driver has a good insurance policy that will cover all your damages.
Some of the kinds of accidents with taxis that have resulted in successful lawsuits are injuries to a passenger in a taxi as a result of the driver’s unsafe driving, injuries suffered when a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by a taxi, and injuries sustained to the driver or passenger of a second car involved in a collision with a taxi, where the taxi driver is at fault. No matter which of these scenarios your injury falls under, you may have a good chance at collecting damages.
Living in New York City is extremely expensive and if your injuries have prevented you from working a regular schedule, you may have trouble paying your high rent and making ends meet. One way to ease your financial burden is to contract for something called lawsuit funding. This practice can possibly bring a source of monetary funding your way in a few days, as opposed to waiting for your settlement check to come in. When you do collect your money damages, the money will go back to the company that advanced you the money. It is a small way to relieve some of the heavy burden that resulted from the accident.