Is A Class Action Lawsuit Eligible For
Lawsuit Funding?

Mar 16, 2010

If you have been watching the television lately, you’ve likely seen tons of commercials that are advertising for class action lawsuits. Class action lawsuits are lawsuits that involve a number of different people who are all suing the same person for the same reason. There are a number of reasons why lawyers are getting into class action lawsuits, but one reason is because lawyers now know that they can get the most money for their work with class action lawsuits. Another reason could be because many times companies are not taking care of what they do and are creating products that are not safe for consumers. Either way, the simple fact of the matter is that, if you live in the United States (where class action lawsuits are more prevalent), you may find yourself involved in a class action lawsuit at one point in time or another.

Your Involvement

There are good things and bad things about being involved in a class action lawsuit. A good thing is that you can rest easy and do not have to do much work. With a class action lawsuit, the only work you have to do is often to give a deposition to the lawyers of your side of the story. You may be asked to provide some documents, but you may not be. And you will also not have to pay to be a part of the lawsuit. A class action lawsuit is paid for when the attorneys win the suit.

There is, however, a bad side to class action lawsuits, and that is that you will often have to wait a very long time. To start with, the process is a very long one, and it can take months before your lawsuit works its way through the court system, if not years, and many times they end in a settlement. But not only do you have to wait a long time for the lawsuit to get through the court system, you also have to wait a long time to get your money! Many times people who have won class action lawsuits find that they have not received the money that was promised to them even years later.

That is why lawsuit funding might be a good idea for people involved in class action lawsuits. Lawsuit funding allows you to get an advance on your settlement cash if your application is accepted. A reputable lawsuit funding company will offer two types of lawsuit funding for class action lawsuits: funding during and funding after. This means that you can get money either during the lawsuit, or after it has been completed, allowing you to have funds to pay medical bills or to pay for your regular monthly bills. If you’re involved in a class action lawsuit, you might want to check into the possibility of getting lawsuit funding so that you can actually have some of the money that you’re due without having to wait years for it.