Spinal Disc Herniation Lawsuit
May Be Eligible For Funding

Mar 16, 2010

The back is a very important part of the body. Imagine that the body is like a building. In a building, the floor, or foundation, is extremely important, but just as important are the walls. The walls take all of the weight from the house and the roof. In the body, your feet and legs are like your foundation, and your spine is like the walls. When your spine is out of alignment or has another problem, you may be in a great deal of pain and may have serious problems.

Spinal Disc Herniation

The spine is basically built up by a number of discs. When these discs are out of alignment, or when they’re harmed in some other way, such as through an accident, the patient may deal with a great deal of pain, often pain that can’t be taken care of by medication, which can adversely affect their lifestyle and may even make it difficult to earn a living. If you are dealing with a bulging disc due to an accident that you were in, it may be beneficial to sue for the injury so that you can pay for your medical bills and so that you may also be able to pay for some of your monthly bills.


Unlike other injuries, back injuries can be caused by a variety of different types of accidents. Back injuries can be caused by falling down stairs or hitting the ground in the wrong way, or can be caused by car accidents or other types of trauma. A number of things can cause the back to be thrown out of whack, and things can go from being a minor annoyance and a slight bit of pain for awhile to being a large problem and a great deal of pain if a disc is bulging from its normal position in the vertebrae.
When this happens, the disc can put pressure on the root of the nerve, which can cause a condition known as sciatica and can be extremely painful. Sciatica pain can be debilitating and severe, causing the person to be in constant agony, or it can be infrequent and irritating. Sciatica affects one side of the body and the pain tends to radiate down the lower back and through the back of the thigh, all the way down through the leg.

Spinal Disc Herniation Lawsuit Funding

If you have been involved in an accident which has caused back injury such as a bulging/protruding disc (the medical termination is “Spinal Disc Herniation”), you may be eligible to receive lawsuit funding to help you to bring the responsible party to court. This lawsuit funding is designed to help you pay for the extras that often come along with a court case, such as paying experts to look into your medical records. The funding can also help you to be able to pay your monthly bills if you’re unable to work and are going through the legal processes to get remuneration for your injury.