Dog Bite Lawsuit Alabama Cases

Mar 16, 2010

The old saying is that “dogs are a man’s best friend.” That is true for many people who find their dog to be a loyal and important part of their family. However, not all dogs are friendly. In fact, the increase in dog fighting and the breeding of more aggressive breeds of dogs has led to an increase in the viciousness of some animals. This, of course, can lead to more dogs biting humans. Unfortunately, there is little that you can do to prevent a dog bite. It can happen at any time – walking down the street, playing with your child in the park, or even interacting with your own pet at home.Even the nicest of pets can suddenly lash out and bite if they are scared or feel threatened.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Alabama

When the dog who bites who is not your own, you may wish to sue the dog owner for your injuries. Every state has different laws regarding the circumstances that the dog owner might owe you money. For example, in Alabama, a dog owner will be responsible if you are on their property with their permission and the dog bites you. Other circumstances include if the owner knows his dog is vicious; for example, if the animal has previously bitten someone, he will likely be found negligent for allowing the dog to bite you. A unique aspect of Alabama law, called contributory negligence, provides that if your actions caused the dog to bite you, the dog owner is not responsible for your injuries. That means that if you provoke a dog and it bites you, or enter the owner’s yard without permission, the owner will likely not be responsible for your injuries.

If you are injured by a dog bite, you will need to consult an attorney in order to determine whether the owner of the dog will be responsible for any or all of your medical bills. You may also be able to sue for pain and suffering, depending on the circumstances under which you received the dog bite and the laws of your state. Again, an attorney will be able to help you figure out these laws.
Hopefully, the attorney will let you know that you have an excellent case and a good chance of obtaining a settlement. However, that is when the waiting begins. Courtroom appearances, depositions, medical tests, and more can all lead to delay in receiving the money you need. It is likely that you will begin to feel anxious about medical bills if they begin piling up or paying for a surgery you may need to fix a particular nasty bite injury. There is some good news, though, you may not have to wait after all.

Certain companies have the sole purpose of advancing people money that they are expecting in a lawsuit or settlement. What the companies do is evaluate your case to determine the likelihood of success. If it seems likely that your lawsuit will result in an award, they might be willing to advance you a certain portion of that money. Then, when you finally get the check from the dog owners, the company will get paid back. It is a great win-win situation for everyone. Visit to learn more today.