Lawsuits Involving Slip Trip and Fall Injuries
In Omaha, Nebraska

Mar 16, 2010

When you’re young, you fall and trip quite often. Some doctors theorize that this is because, as a child, we’re constantly growing and we are changing, which shifts our center of balance and makes it difficult to be able to do much without tripping and falling. When we’re young, our bodies are actually generally conditioned very well to take falls and slips, and children who fall are much less likely to get injured than most parents believe. As we get older, however, falls and slips are much more likely to injure a person. At that point, the bones have stopped growing, and may be more brittle, and you may be in worse shape as an adult than you were as a child. Every adult who has fallen at one point in time remarks that the ground is much farther away as an adult than it was as a child!

 Slip Trip and Fall Injuries

Most people don’t fall and then immediately start thinking about who they can sue, and this is generally because falls don’t often result in serious injuries. There are times, however, when a fall can result in a serious injury, and if that fall was due to someone else’s negligence, that is when you may want to think about a lawsuit.

 Who Is At Fault?

When you’re contemplating a lawsuit that involves a falling injury in Omaha, Nebraska, the first thing you need to figure out is who is at fault for the fall. Deciding who is at fault is the key portion to winning a lawsuit concerning slipping or falling accidents. If you fell in your own home, for instance, and no one was around, the fault is likely your own. Say, however, that you’re walking out of a building and you slip and fall on the ground due to the ice that is on the walkway in front of the building. If this area of land is owned by the person who owns the building, it is their responsibility to make sure that the ice is taken care of, so that pedestrians can walk safely. It is situations like that when a lawsuit for a slip and fall case would be advisable.
Slip and fall lawsuits can be tricky beasts for a variety of reasons. First is the time issue. If you wait too long to file the lawsuit, you run the risk of missing the legal cutoff point, which is why, if you fall and are injured seriously, it is important that you engage the services of a lawyer as soon as you possibly can. The lawyer will also help you with the second problem, which is figuring out who was at fault for the fall. A lawyer will be much better equipped to figure out if the fault is due to negligence of the other party or if it was simply bad luck on your part. Slip and fall accidents can result in remuneration, but it is vital that you engage a lawyer as soon as possible after the injury occurs for the best outcome. Most people end up needing access to pay bills way before their case is settled. Lawsuit funding may be able to help. Visit to learn more.