Premises Liability Lawsuit in Milwaukee, WI:
Lawsuit Funding Can Help

Mar 16, 2010

 The City of Milwaukee is known for many great things, like football, beer, and winter sports. Many people are happy to call Milwaukee, Wisconsin home. Like most other American cities, the people of Milwaukee like to spend time at one another’s homes, as well as out and about at sporting events and other fun activities.
Given the harsh winter weather that can sometimes plague the city, there is an added risk that accidents can occur. Whether you have hurt yourself while helping your neighbor’s kids build a snowman or fallen down the slippery, icy steps at a football stadium, accidents resulting in injury are no fun. Even without the snow and ice, accidents can happen.
You may be wondering what you can do if you have been seriously injured on someone else’s property. Can you sue your neighbor? How will he be able to afford your medical bills when you can’t? In most cases, something called premises liability will be in effect. What this law means is that whoever is in charge of maintaining the property that you hurt yourself on is the one who must pay for your injuries.
For example, your neighbor has a duty to keep his yard and home in good working order and to prevent any dangerous situations that could cause an injury. This law would hold true for a public facility as well. That is why you will see shopkeepers salting the walkway in front of their stores — if you fall there, they may be liable under premises liability.
Like most other kinds of personal injury cases, if you think that you can sue someone to recover for your injuries in Milwaukee under the premises liability law, you should contact a personal injury attorney in the Milwaukee area. They are trained in just this kind of law and will be able to take on the insurance company to get the money you deserve.
If you are the patient sort, that is good news, because you are not likely going to see a ton of money any time soon from your lawsuit. Lawsuits can take an extremely long time to see resolution, and it can seem even longer if you are desperately in need of that money to pay your bills and help get you back on your feet.
There is a program in Milwaukee, however, that can help you get back on your feet a bit sooner. It is called lawsuit funding. There are several private companies, such as Lawsuit Hotline, that provide this service. As the name suggests, they may be able to give you funds on the condition that when your lawsuit reaches its resolution, you reimburse them for the funds that they gave you. They will determine the chances of your lawsuit reaching a successful conclusion from the facts of the case and base their decision whether or not to provide you with a lawsuit advance from that.
The better premises liability case you have, the more likely that you will be able to receive lawsuit funding at an amount that can really do some good. The best part is that they can usually get the funds to you in just a matter of days. Visit to learn more.