Lawsuit Funding If You Were Involved
In A Plane Crash In New Jersey

Mar 16, 2010

As the restrictions on airline travel and rising costs continue to grow, many people are finding alternate methods of travel. However, given that plane travel is still one of the safest ways to travel — an accident is more likely to occur in a car than on a plane–many people continue to fly. However, plane crashes do occur. Taking into account the uncertainty of weather, as well as the possibility of faulty aircraft parts, an accident could happen. Unfortunately, many of them can result in death, but some people are fortunate enough to survive a plane crash.
If you have survived a plane crash, you likely have some serious injuries as a result. Common injuries from plane crashes are broken bones, internal injuries, and burns. These are all tough to deal with physically, emotionally, and financially. Most likely you will need someone to be held accountable so that you can get money that you desperately need to pay medical bills and other expenses. Also, given the emotional trauma that results from being in a plane crash, you might need compensation for that as well.
Keep in mind that if a loved one died in a plane crash, even if you were not there, you can also recover money for something called wrongful death. This is both for adults, like a spouse, and for children who die. Although no amount of money can compensate you for the death of a loved one, it may help you deal with the expenses as a result of the death or for getting counseling that you and your family may need.
Whether or not you can recover money from a plane crash depends on two major things: what state the crash occurred in and who was at fault. Each state has different laws that you need to research to determine who can be held liable in a plane crash. In New Jersey, for example, you can recover for either your own injuries or wrongful death. The causes for the accident can be a variety of things, including defective design of the plane, crashes related to weather, air traffic controller mistakes, pilot error, and maintenance failure, just to name a few.
The best way to figure out the laws in your state is to contact an attorney who deals with personal injury cases, because that is the category that would cover plane crash accidents. Being knowledgeable about those specific types of cases, they will probably be able to give you a quick response as to whether you have a valid lawsuit. It can be frustrating to wait the length of time necessary for your case to go through the court system. If your lawsuit is against a major airline, they can really drag things out.
While you are waiting for your settlement, the bills will be pilling up. One solution to this problem is to consult with a company like Lawsuit Hotline, who may be able to give an advance on lawsuit settlements with regard to plane crash accidents. Upon acceptance of your application, they can give you money to use now and when you get your wrongful death or personal injury award from the other party, Lawsuit Hotline gets paid back. You have already had something taken from you, whether it was a loved one or your own personal well-being, so don’t let the other party take years of your life, too.