Lawsuit Funding For Police Brutality Case
May Be Possible

Jun 07, 2010

Many remember the beating of Rodney King in the early nineties. King was involved in a high speed chase during an evening where he and some friends had been drinking. The Los Angeles Police Department drove after him, and due to the fact that he was on parole, King refused to stop the car. Eventually the LAPD caught up with King, however, and his two passengers exited the vehicle and complied with the requests of the officers. King’s two friends were taken into custody. King, however, refused to exit the car at first. He eventually did so, but officers thought he was acting odd when it occurred, and one officer believed he was reaching for a gun.
He did not, however, but a scuffle did ensue. During the scuffle, he was tasered by an officer and he fell to the ground. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end at that point. Some suggest King resisted arrest; others, however, suggest the officers were simply angry. Officers began to hit King with their batons, and a video was taken by an innocent bystander. King was hit a total of fifty-six times, and he was kicked six times as well. The officers involved were eventually brought up on charges, and while none of the officers were found ‘guilty’ on the initial criminal charges, the city was required to pay King $3.8 million in a civil case associated with the beating.

Happens More Often Than We Know

It may seem like a police brutality issue is one that only occurs on a very rare basis, but the truth of the matter is that it happens more often than we know. Many times, however, the brutality is not front page news, which is why we do not hear about it. There are stories of paralyzed people being harmed by police officers for no reason and even teenagers being harassed by a large number of policemen and their dogs. While some of the people who have been brutalized were involved in some form of crime, many of the people were not involved in any criminal activities and were still assaulted by officers.
Take a look at the legal system, and you’ll find a number of cases in which those who have suffered from police brutality are dealing with lawsuits to help them to be paid the funds that they deserve due to being harmed by police officers. Millions of dollars every year go to these people.
But legal cases can be a long and drawn out process, especially legal cases that involve individuals inside the system. That’s why many people who are dealing with lawsuits about police brutality look to lawsuit funding to help. Lawsuit funding may be able to give you money before the lawsuit has been settled so that you can pay off bills that are accumulating while you’re dealing with the lawsuit. In the case of some police brutality lawsuits, a verdict could be some time away. Lawsuit funding, if you’re approved, is a great way to have access to the funds that your lawyer expects you to win during a police brutality suit before the verdict is issued.