Lawsuit Funding in Florida

Mar 22, 2010

If you live in Florida and have been involved in an accident case, you may find that the time period for your settlement is much longer than expected. You might have even accumulated more debt while going through the legal process – for most Americans, that could mean big trouble for your family and your credit.

Lawsuit Hotline can help! If you have been involved in an accident due to the negligence of another, you are rightly entitled to fair compensation for the injury that you have sustained. Most of us understand that fact. What many people do NOT understand is that there are resources out there to assist you financially before you even start the process through the legal system. This resource can also provide help during the legal process as well as after. This is what Lawsuit Hotline was created for, to provide passionate and professional assistance in finding the best option for your needs. What does non-recourse mean? It typically means that you pay back a funding or cash advance after you win your case. This advance of monies can provide much needed assistance for families.

Even when you win a typical case as a plaintiff, you may be waiting for an extended period of time for your compensation. It is widely known that some insurance companies have a bad reputation for appealing cases or holding up payments. Losing much needed time due to this can seriously affect you and your family. Now, it doesn’t have to due to Lawsuit Hotline’s online service. Our site can provide much needed information even before you sign up for funding. This information can be used as a resource to make the final decision on moving forward or not.

Once you have decided to move forward and request funding, it’s very simple to apply. Visit the site at Lawsuit and go through the step by step online application. This will prompt our professionals to work and compete for your business. This way you get the best advance and the best rates as quickly as possible. Make sure to speak with your attorney as well so that their office will know that requests will be arriving for case information. By staying organized and open, we work together as a team to provide the absolute best service. Some people have even seen their request result in funding within 24 hours!

What types of cases do we cover? 

You might be wondering what kinds of cases we cover – maybe yours wasn’t an accident case at all. Well, chances are you are probably covered for most any case. You will have to apply to find out for sure. The following are just a few types of cases that we DO cover:

  • Aviation Accident
  • Boating Accident 
  • Burn Injury
  • Construction Accident 
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Product Liability 
  • Workers Compensation

You can see that even with this short list, there are many types of cases that Lawsuit Hotline can assist you with. Make sure that you look through the site to understand what we can offer, and then let us know when you are ready to get started.