Lawsuit Funding Options in Dallas

Mar 22, 2010

Going through a lawsuit in Dallas may present more problems than you bargained for when you began the process. Maybe you have unexpected demands on your finances from such things as costs incurred in tracking down essential records to your case, getting all the copies and paperwork made that you might need, legal fees, and even daily expenses such as transportation costs and meals while your case is being heard.

If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit in Dallas, there are some options to help you through the financial burdens under which you may be temporarily placed. Even if you know your case will win, there may be an immediate need for money. Your funding options are not limited to the usual bank loans. In fact, you may have some options you have never heard of before.

Traditional loans: Traditional loans from a lending institution may be one way for you to take care of your financial needs during the process of your lawsuit, but are not necessarily the best choice. They likely have the most favorable rates. This type of loan also must be paid in monthly installments, beginning almost immediately, even if you lose your lawsuit.

Borrow from a loved one: Family members and friends may be willing to loan you money in a pinch. They know how expensive it can be living in a big city like Dallas. The only problem with this option is that even if you borrow from a family member or a friend, you will still have to pay them back, no matter how your lawsuit goes. They may be willing to wait until the lawsuit is over, but what if you don’t win, or win less than you thought you would? You may have a difficult time paying them back.

Lawsuit advance from Lawsuit Hotline: This may be the best option, by far, for people living in Dallas. A lawsuit advance is something that can wait to be paid back after your lawsuit settles. Not only that, but payback is contingent on you winning your lawsuit. When we decide to approve your advance, we know there is a chance that you may not win. We are willing to take a chance on a good case. That may mean that sometimes we lose. If you lose, we lose our money and you benefit from it because you don’t have to pay it back.

There is one major difference between all of the options of lawsuit funding in Dallas: the payback. Look carefully at any option you consider, and you will see that a lawsuit advance may benefit you more than any other option. Car accidents, personal injury, medical malpractice suits, and even wrongful death lawsuits, are all eligible to be considered for a lawsuit advance in Dallas, when you apply with us. Lawsuit funding and living well while waiting are much easier when you take advantage of the possibility of receiving a lawsuit advance while waiting for your case to conclude.