Is A Class Action Lawsuit Eligible For
Lawsuit Funding?

Mar 16, 2010

In the past dozen or so years, class action lawsuits have become something that many lawyers are specializing in. There are a number of reasons why more class action lawsuits have started to hit the courtrooms than ever before. Some believe they are more popular because they are more necessary, as many companies are not taking the time and care that they need to in the daily operation of their businesses. Others believe that they may be more popular now than before because lawyers realize that they can get much more money from a class action lawsuit than from most average lawsuits. Either way, class action lawsuits are now seen so routinely that it’s common to find lawyers advertising through commercials on television looking for people who have been injured or whose lives have been changed due to one reason or another so that they can have more clients for a class action lawsuit.

Being Involved In a Class Action Lawsuit

One thing that you need to know before getting involved in a class action lawsuit is that they can take years before they are settled. Class action lawsuits are often in the courts for a very long time, and then, once you’ve finally gotten through the court process and have been rendered a judgment, it can take even more time before you are able to see any of the money that you have been granted by the court system.
Why does it take so long to get money through a class action lawsuit? The first reason is because the court system has to do a great deal of work when you’re talking about a class action lawsuit. The amount of work that is necessary is astounding. The judge or jurors have to look at a great deal of evidence and often need to read or hear a number of depositions before they’re able to come back with a judgment.
And then you have the paying portion of a class action lawsuit. A judge or jury may say that you’re entitled to a great deal of money. They cannot, however, immediately make the company or person that you have the lawsuit against give you the money. In an ideal world, you would be paid a month or so after the lawsuit, but many times these companies go back to court in order to fight the order or they file an appeal which can give them a great deal more time before they have to pay.


Lawsuit funding is one way to make it a bit easier to pay your bills while you’re waiting for the judgment to come down or while you’re waiting to receive your money from the company or person who has been ordered to pay you. Lawsuit funding may be able to give you the funds to pay your medical bills or pay your monthly bills, and because you don’t have to pay it back yourself (the funds are repaid with money from your eventual settlement), it can make things much less stressful. Visit to learn more today.