Filing A Lawsuit Due To Injuries
Suffered From A Defective Product

Mar 16, 2010

America is a culture of consumerism and consumption. People love to get the newest products, the great new gadgets, and the best new updates. Most people trust the companies that make these products and do not expect any problems to arise. However, sometimes there are defective products, which aside from being troublesome in that you bought a faulty product, also have the potential to cause injuries.

There are generally two types of defective products. One kind is a design flaw. This basically means that back when the company first planned how to make the product, there was an error which has now led to a defective product. That means that each and every one of the products will have this flaw. In this case, the company may be dealing with many injuries from their defective products.
Another type of defective productive is manufacturing defect. This means that in the factory, when a person (or machine) was putting together your product, they made a mistake. This could be faulty assembly, leaving out a part, or not taking a safety precaution that resulted in a contaminated or otherwise dangerous product. In that situation, you may be the only person who suffered an injury from the defective product.
In either case, you can file a lawsuit to be compensated for the injuries that you suffered from the defective product. In the case of a design flaw, you may be part of a class action suit or the company be working with all those affected to negotiate a settlement. Still, you should have an attorney to represent your personal interests. You need to ensure that you are getting the money that you deserve, especially if your injuries are more severe than some others.
If it was a manufacturing defect and you are the only injury that the company is worrying about, they may not be so willing to negotiate. Again, you would need to have a personal injury attorney representing you to file a lawsuit and represent you in court. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be able to receive money for medical bills, lost wages, and perhaps even pain and suffering.
While your lawsuit is pending, you should be aware of an option that may be available to you to help you pay your personal expenses and bills in the meantime. It is called lawsuit funding or a lawsuit advance. It means that a company can give you money now and then, when your settlement is finalized, you pay back the money that they advanced. They will not fund every lawsuit out there, but if you have a good case and your attorney is fairly certain that you will be victorious, the likelihood of getting lawsuit funding is increased.

You bought this product trusting that the company would provide you with something safe. However, you have suffered a serious injury that was the fault of the company. Since they have failed in the requirement to keep you safe, you should hold them accountable.