Lawsuit Funding for Florida Businesses

Mar 22, 2010

With the millions of people now living in Florida, you can only imagine how many companies there are. Unfortunately, a terrible expense for some business owners comes with a beautiful climate. Even with the best intentions, a business owner can sometimes come face to face with what they fear the most – A Lawsuit!

For small businesses especially, this can mean the end to a dream for someone if not dealt with swiftly and correctly. Lawsuit Hotline can be a much needed resource for just this type of situation. Our professionals are compassionate and extremely knowledgeable which gives you a better edge when looking for funding resources.

OK – what is Lawsuit Funding you ask?

It’s similar to getting a cash advance except in this instance it can be used before, during or even after a lawsuit for a myriad of financial needs. If you have a small business and need to shut down for a short period of time, you might need funding resources to continue paying your bills. For larger companies, they may need the funds to pay salaries while shut down. Whatever the case may be, you still need to pay bills while going through your legal case and Lawsuit Hotline can help!

Our program works with non-recourse funders so you pay back your funds when you win your case. The process to find out if you can qualify is very simple and quick with some businesses receiving their funds in a few days! Talk with your attorney and let them know that you are thinking about utilizing Lawsuit Hotline for funding needs. This will allow the attorney to release needed information when called upon by one of our professionals. The more organized you are and the quicker you can get information to us, the faster we can send funds to you.

What types of cases do we handle?

  • Breach of Contract Contract Disputes
  • Medical Malpractice Product Liability
  • Defective Products Wrongful Death
  • Personal Injury Slip and Fall

If you or someone you know might need this type of assistance, Lawsuit can be a fantastic resource! With our program we can match your company with the right advance so that you get competitive rates without any obligations. That means if the offer doesn’t fit your needs, you are NOT obligated to move forward. This type of respect for clients has kept us at the top of the Lawsuit Funding business because we put our client needs first!

If you are just now a plaintiff in a lawsuit and want to start the process just in case you need funding, take a look at the website and read all of the great information that is there. Apply online once you are ready and need the help.

OK – I won the case but now I’m waiting for an appeal! 

Not a problem here either. Talk with your attorney so that they are aware of your situation and apply at Lawsuit

No matter where you are at with your legal case, Lawsuit is here to provide information and assistance when you need it!