Albany, New York Lawsuit Advance
– Taking Care of Business While Your Lawsuit Settles

Mar 22, 2010

City life may present its challenges, but add to that a lawsuit, and you have some major stresses to get through. If you live in the Albany area, you may be one of the proud New Yorkers who like to put up a tough front. The truth is, though, that life is sometimes tougher than you want it to be. Going through a lawsuit has a way of making it even more difficult.

If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit in Albany, you don’t have to have a hard time financially while you are waiting for your lawsuit to settle. As a matter of fact, your financial situation may be able to be a lot better while going through the lawsuit than it has ever been. What can make all the difference is taking out a lawsuit advance.

lawsuit advance is made with the understanding that if your case doesn’t settle, you don’t have to pay back the advance. That means that if you take out an advance for a portion of what you expect to receive in the settlement, you only have to pay it back if and when you get money from the settlement. It is a one-of-a-kind offer that likely won’t be matched by any traditional lending institution, such as a bank or credit union.

In Albany, when you have a long, drawn-out lawsuit, you may benefit greatly from taking advantage of the option that an advance from Lawsuit Hotline offers. We have experience helping people in the middle of many types of lawsuits. Medical malpractice, auto accidents, personal injury, birth injury, burn victims, mesothelioma, and even slip and fall accidents, are all examples of the types of lawsuits where we have helped make a difference.

We know how it can be, trying to pay all your current bills, not getting buried under the legal weight and new temporary expenses that you have due to the lawsuit. That’s why we are here, to help you in this time of waiting for your settlement. When you apply with us for an advance in Albany, we can determine your eligibility very quickly. Not only that, but you can sometimes receive your advance on the same day you are approved for it.

Lawsuit advance money can be used for whatever you want, or need, to use it for, including paying your bills, taking care of travel expenses while your case is being decided, or paying for child care. It can also be a great aid in covering any costs you may compile copying records and getting all your paperwork together. When you receive an advance, the money is yours.

Lawsuits in the Albany area don’t have to be something you wade through; you can swim and keep your head above water, with the help of a lawsuit advance. Applying is easy, and approval is fast, when you look to us for the help you need with your lawsuit funding. Worry less, and get on with life while you wait for your case to settle, when you use the option of a lawsuit advance from us.