How Many Lawsuit Funding Companies
Should I Apply To?

Jun 07, 2010

Why Apply to Lawsuit Funding Companies

If you had the ability to ask someone twenty years ago about the concept of lawsuit funding, it’s distinctly possible they’d have little idea what you were talking about. These days, though, the concept is a bit more prominent, and asking almost anyone you know will not only result in an explanation of the concept, but also the names of two or three funding companies they may have seen advertised on television. Lawsuit funding has become better known than it was in the past, and that’s not only a result of an increase in the number of lawsuits over the years, but also an increase in knowledge. These days, plaintiffs understand that the legal process itself takes quite a bit of time, and it can be months or years before the judge reaches the point of a verdict in the case. If there’s settlement money at stake, it could take quite a bit of time to get the money you deserve.

Applying for Lawsuit Funding

There are a few steps involved in applying for lawsuit funding, and the first step is selecting a company to work with. You can always ask your lawyer if he can recommend a good company to work with, or you can ask friends if they know of any companies. Alternately, however, you can go online and discover a number of different companies whose main area of expertise is advance funding. Because there are a number of different companies that you can select from, it is vital that you make sure that you get a company that is not only willing to work with you, but one that is good at what they do.
Check out the reviews and the comments that people have made about the company, and make sure that you ask to speak with someone in person to ensure that there really are people behind the website. Every reputable lawsuit funding company should have a phone number that you can use to connect to someone.

How Many Lawsuit Funding Companies Should I Apply To?

Once you’ve found companies that you’re willing to work with, should you complete an application with more than one? In all actuality, you should only have to apply to one company. One company will review your application and the case itself. If they look at your case and it is eligible for funding, they may be able to give you access to the funds that you need so that you’re able to pay your bills while the legal process is working. Sometimes, however, people opt to apply to two or three different companies to see what amount of money they can receive from each, and while this is an acceptable practice, if you’ve done your research and have narrowed down the best company, you shouldn’t find it necessary to do so.
Some people apply to one company and receive funds from them, but find that they need more funds to pay their bills. In some cases, you can apply to another lawsuit funding company, but that may vary depending on the terms of your agreement, so make certain you contact the company you first worked with.