Attorney Settled Case Funding

Jun 07, 2010

There’s a reason why shows like 
CSI and Law & Order are so popular. These shows sensationalize the legal system. They make law seem like an enjoyable, rewarding career, and they highlight the highly technical aspects of many of the careers within the legal system. Any person who is involved in the legal profession, whether they work on the judicial side of the equation or in some other capacity, will tell you that while these shows do have an ounce of truth in them, many of the things that occur on television never occur in real life.

Going to Court

For example, many people who go to court now with a case that may involve DNA analysis for one reason or another may find that actually having this type of test completed in a lab setting is tough. DNA analysis is time consuming and expensive, so it’s often reserved for cases where it is absolutely necessary.
This isn’t the only mistake in these kinds of shows. Additionally, there are often scenes that depict a large legal battle in the courtroom. Time and again, Law and Order and others involves a Jack Nicholson style ending complete with a “You-Can’t-Handle-The-Truth” speech. Situations like this rarely happen in the legal system. In fact, in some cases, there’s never even a jury involved with a trial.
Attorney settled cases are those in which the attorneys involved with the plaintiff and the defendant are able to come to a settlement agreement without the need of a jury or, sometimes, even the need of a judge. These cases can still take almost as long as a jury trial, but they tend to be quicker in most instances.

Legal Fees

In some cases, lawyers take lawsuits on a contingency basis. This means there are no fees upfront. Their payment comes after they have won the case for you. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t any bills. While you’re in the process of receiving your settlement check, you may find that you have mounting bills, especially if you’ve been unable to work due to the accident that occurred. That’s when lawsuit funding comes in.

Lawsuit funding may allow you to have a cushion to land on while you’re waiting for a verdict or a settlement. It gives you some breathing room and gives you the chance to pay keep the creditors at bay, which can go a long way toward relieving stress and frustration. Even if you are going to be dealing with an attorney only lawsuit, there may be a good reason for you to look into lawsuit funding, so make sure that you speak with your lawyer and with an expert on lawsuit funding about whether or not it can help you in your case and in your life.
If you decide lawsuit funding is right for you, choose a reputable company and begin the application process. They should help answer any questions you have as you begin to get started.