Funding for Lawsuit in South Carolina

Mar 17, 2010

What is lawsuit funding and how can it help South Carolina residents? Lawsuit funding has certainly been around for a good long while but not many people even know what this is and how it can help them.

Lawsuit funding is essentially a financial cash advance for people or businesses going through a legal issue. The funds cannot be used specifically for paying an attorney or for court costs but is for replacing money that may be lost while your case is active. It doesn’t mean that if you are currently going through a legal issue that you can’t get help – you certainly can apply. Even if you have won your case and are perhaps waiting for a settlement payment or looking at a possible retrial, we can still consider assistance.

Funding for Lawsuit in South Carolina

Our group has helped thousands of people each year across America – including South Carolina –  in providing funding to keep their businesses going or to help pay everyday household bills while going through such a stressful time. If you are working and are injured in an auto accident, do you have the money for immediate repairs for your car? What if you are injured and need to stay home? Do you have the finances to allow you to do just that? Especially with the economy, not many of us would be able to be out of work for long without it affecting us financially. That is where we can step in to provide caring, compassionate financial services. You are never obligated to use our program which allows you to make an important decision even easier than before. 

Types of legal cases we assist:

  • Animal Bites 
  • Auto Accident Boating Accident 
  • Birth Injury 
  • Construction Injury 
  • Medical Malpractice 
  • Nursing Home Neglect 
  • Personal Injury 
  • Workers Compensation 
  • Wrongful Death 

And many, many more that aren’t listed here. No one should ever feel they have to struggle while going through the stress of a legal situation and possibly affecting their credit while doing so. There is help and we are waiting to assist.

What do you need to do to find out more and get started? 

Visit the site and read – knowledge is extremely powerful, so learn from our site.

If you have an attorney, let them know you are thinking about contacting us for help. Their office will also need to provide information when the time comes so make them aware of your plans.

Gather and organize your information so that you have everything you need. Police reports, repair costs, rental payments, etc. Have an idea of what your monthly bills are in case you are going to be out of work.

Apply online and speak to one of our professionals today. The longer you wait, the faster you may run into trouble. If our services fit your needs, then take the next step to receive help!

Once you have completed these steps, our funders within our network will look over your application so that you are rest assured of getting the best deal for your funding loan. Because these funders are all non-recourse, you typically pay the advance once you have won your case. Take a little time to research our program and then take the next step!