Auto Accidents Facts

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, or have a loved one who was injured or killed as the result of an automobile accident, you may want to seek legal counsel. If you hire an attorney, Lawsuit Hotline can consider providing you with access to the funds you need before your case settles.

Accidents happen — on the road, in your home, during recreational activities. Accidents happen. As the amount of time we spend behind the wheel of a car increases, we also increase our risk of being in an auto accident.

There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States in 2005, with a price tag in excess of 230 billion dollars. In human suffering, those statistics translate to 2.9 million people injured and 42,636 people killed. That’s 115 people dead in the United States every day as a result of vehicle crashes.

Even a minor auto accident can cause expensive property damage, and the cost in personal injury may far outweigh the dollars spent fixing or replacing a vehicle. Carrying the mandatory insurance doesn’t totally protect you from all losses. Consider the uninsured motorist. Not all insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage, and those that do may put the claimant at odds with his or her insurance company during settlement negotiations.


Jessica’s husband was at the wheel of their Mercury Topaz, stopped in traffic on the Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Jessica was sitting in the front passenger seat while their two-month-old son, buckled securely into a carseat, snoozed in the back. As she heard the screeching of tires behind her, Jessica’s natural reaction was to turn toward the sound. This put her in a partially rotated position when then heavy-duty pick-up truck struck the car behind, sandwiching the Topaz between a small Subaru and a larger SUV.

At first, a stiff neck and some chest discomfort from her seatbelt catching seemed to be the extent of her injuries. It took several days for the swelling of the lumbar disc in her lower back to make it difficult to walk, and nearly impossible to climb stairs.

Jessica’s pediatrician would not agree that her son escaped unscathed for almost a year – until the child could walk. The vehicle was totaled, merely a week after nearly $800 of work went into the front end.


Many people that are involved in auto accident lawsuits eventually face financial hardships. Many can’t work and the legal process is long and drawn out. Some cases take many years to resolve. Lawsuit Hotline specializes in the funding of settled and pre-settled auto accident lawsuits. During the funding process, Lawsuit Hotline requests some of the case documentation, underwriting evaluates the lawsuit to determine whether funding can be extended, and if approved, a contract is issued for the injured party and his/her attorney to sign. The injured party’s attorney then repays the lien when the case is resolved. All funding is non recourse, which means that if for any reason, there is no recovery on the case, then no money is owed back.