What Can I do about it?
My Home’s Previous Owners Lied
about Water in the Basement

Mar 22, 2010

Buying a house is stressful enough without being bombarded by problems after you move in. You’ve heard the stories from your family, friends or even went through this yourself. The person who sold you the home of your dreams lied about all the nightmares it held inside.

You have rights as a home buyer. You can talk with an attorney to find out what your rights are. Most often, the answer is to file a lawsuit. There are some things you need to consider before filing a lawsuit.

Discuss with your attorney about the strength of your case. That means discuss any evidence you have, like photographs, video, or any documents that support your claim. Take photos or videos of the 2-inches of water in your basement, or an estimate for digging up an old underground oil well you found on your own.

With those in hand, talk to your attorney about which law you think was violated and discuss whether you have a strong case. Your attorney will explain the process of filing a lawsuit, the deadlines of filing, and an array of different matters that will be important for you to know.

Ask yourself whether you have the stamina to follow through with what can be a tedious and frustrating process.
One thing people don’t think about before heading to the courthouse to file their claim is the expense they will incur as the result of a lawsuit. You may win your suit and get compensation, but you will have to shell out money before that happens. There are costs for filing and losing pay to be in court, among other expenses.

Some people often have to live with  water in the basement until they can get pay for the repairs themselves, but you don’t have to. There are more options to people who have been wronged in a real estate transaction. One of the most popular these days is going to a lawsuit funding firm like Lawsuit Hotline, through which you can get advances on pending or settled lawsuits for a low monthly rate. These are often called “lawsuit loans” and they are funding through Lawsuit Hotline’s network of funders comprised of hedge funds, private investors, banks, and venture capitalists.

These advances are available to anyone who has filed a lawsuit but they must be approved by the funder’s underwriters. These underwriters will review not only the application but your lawsuit and determine whether your case has a good chance of winning. The stronger the case, the better chances you’ll have of securing an advance. Unlike traditional lenders, they do not use a credit check in their approval process.

Within days, if approved, you can have the money to pay for crew to drain the water and seal up your basement. The process of buying a house can be a tricky business but getting money to fix the problems in your house shouldn’t be. For more information on how Lawsuit Hotline can help you, visit the company’s web site at www.Lawsuit Hotline.com.