Have You Sustained An Injury From A Train Accident?

Mar 16, 2010

No matter how safe a driver you are, there is always a risk that something could go wrong each and every time you drive your car. You could be rear-ended; a car could run a red light and hit your car; someone else could run a stop sign; you never know. One thing you may not think about when you leave your driveway is having an accident with a train.
However, the risk of train accidents is increasing. There are many reasons for this, including people trying to beat trains across the tracks, the conductors being overworked or distracted by by their cell phones, and failing equipment due to age. Whatever the cause, an accident with a train, if it doesn’t result in death, is likely to cause serious injury.
If you have been injured in an accident with a train, you are probably counting your lucky stars because, truth be told, most people don’t survive a collision with a train. But you are also hoping that you can be compensated for your injuries by the train company that owns the train that hit you. You may have missed work or you may need in-home care, both of which can be expensive.
Whether you can sue the train company for damages will depend on the circumstances of the crash. For example, if the train driver was negligent, speeding for example, the train company would be liable for his actions. However, if you did something wrong, like driving around a crossing gate, your damages will be reduced or, in some states, taken away all together, even if the train engineer was negligent.
Because the law varies so much state to state, you really need to speak with a lawyer in your state to discuss your particular case. Personal injury lawyers can handle accident cases, including those with trains. The attorney will ask you basic questions about the accident, and will likely review police reports and any reports by the NTSB or other agency that was involved in the investigation. After the attorney has reviewed this information, he/she will have a better idea about whether you can sue the train company, and your chances of winning.
When the attorney determines that you can sue the train company, and that you will have a good chance of winning, you may want to think about the possibility of getting an advance on your settlement. That means that you could contract with a company who will give you money now on the condition that you pay them back when your settlement comes in, if you win. This can be a great help in getting your medical bills taken care of now and not have to wait months, or more likely years, until you receive the settlement from the train company.
An injury involving an accident with a train can be life-altering, but things can be made a bit easier if you have the money you deserve to help get you back on your feet and in good health. Visit www.lawcapital.com to learn more.