Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

Mar 17, 2010

It is never easy when a loved one passes away, but it is even more difficult when that person dies from something that could have been preventable. This is known as a wrongful death. A wrongful death is described as something that occurs when an individual is killed due to negligence or wrongdoing. Many situations could result in a wrongful death lawsuit, from a person who has died due to being murdered, to a person who has been killed due to negligent medical treatment.
There is always a great deal of stress that occurs when someone in the family dies. The majority of the time the last thing that loved ones think about when someone they care for has passed is money, but that is a reality that needs to be thought about. Money can help the family to pay for funeral and burial expenses, as well as to help them to pay for any payments that the deceased may have been instantly responsible for, including rent or mortgage payments, car payments, or credit card payments. It may also be important to have access to funds to help the person who is left behind after the loved one passes away to pay for the bills that they need to pay for.

Getting Money

A wrongful death lawsuit is a good way to help you to get access to the money that you need in order to pay bills and to pay for funeral and burial expenses. Unfortunately a wrongful death lawsuit doesn’t instantly give the family access to the funds that they need to pay for expenses. Wrongful death lawsuits can take months or years before a settlement is reached. Lawsuit funding, however, is one way that you can get access to the funds that you need while your lawsuit is ongoing.
Lawsuit funding is an agreement that is made between the plaintiff and a funder or an investment company. Basically it states that the company or funder will give the plaintiff a specific amount of money during the course of the lawsuit. When the lawsuit is won, the funder or investment company will get the money that they have advanced, as well as the fees that were agreed upon, back from the amount of money that is received in the settlement.
One thing that you should make sure about is that you select a funder who offers non-recourse funding. Non-recourse funding means that if your attorney is unable to win your lawsuit, you will not be required to pay back the money that you have received from the funder. This allows you to focus on taking care of the family who was left behind, or taking care of funeral expenses and burial expenses or other bills, without having to worry about having to pay back the money in the event that the attorney that you have hired is unable to win your case. For more on lawsuit funding, feel free to visit Lawsuit Hotline’s informational section.