Getting Workers Compensation Funding in 5 Steps

Mar 22, 2010

When you work for a company and give them your all, you’d like to think that the company is going to be there for you to help you if something should happen while you’re working for them. If, for instance, you hurt your back while you’re lifting items for them and need to receive medical attention and rehabilitation, you would like to think that the company is going to pay for your expenses. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Some companies do everything they can to get around paying workers compensation, so that they can keep the money that they have in their pockets.

If you are dealing with a workers compensation case, you may have come to realize that you will likely be waiting a long time in order to get a settlement. workers compensation cases can last for a very long time, and it seems like the more devastating the injury is, the longer that you will wait for the compensation to occur. Some people wait ten years or longer in order to receive the money that is due to them. If you are in the middle of a workers compensation lawsuit, having access to lawsuit funding may help you to pay the bills you have now instead of waiting for the settlement to arrive. Here are the five steps you should take if you are looking for funding.

1 – Get a lawyer. If you are going to be bringing a workers compensation case to court, you will need to have a good lawyer. The mistake that many people make is trying to deal with the company on their own. This usually winds up resulting in nothing more than frustration.

2 – Find a company. There are plenty of lawsuit funding companies available to select from in today’s society. Lawsuit funding has become hugely popular, which is why there are not more companies than ever who have decided to try their hand at it. If you’re going to be looking for lawsuit funding, make sure that you select a company that has a great deal of experience and that has a great reputation.

3 – Apply. In order to get lawsuit funding, you will need to apply to the company. Make sure that you read closely so that you fill the application out correctly. No reputable lawsuit funding company should require any sort of payment for the application process, so make sure that you are not being asked for any sort of a down payment.

4 – Get the other paperwork. In order to approve the advance, the company will need to get vital information from your lawyer. This information will tell them if your case is likely to receive a settlement and will help them to decide if you should be granted the advance.

5 – Hurry up and wait. Fortunately most good lawsuit funding companies are able to approve an advance in less than twenty four hours, which is much faster than the judicial system!