Truck Accidents Lawsuit Funding

Mar 17, 2010

Have you had the unfortunate experience of having an accident that was caused by a trucker? Truckers put in many hours on the road. They lose sleep from driving for hours at a time and aren’t as likely to have good reflexes as exhaustion sets in. Some truckers spend days at a time in their trucks, and may end up getting burnt out, or feeling like they just want to get home. Being in a hurry, driving a big rig, and possibly not paying enough attention to the other drivers can cause many accidents.

If you were in a trucking accident, and you were not at fault, there may be an option for you to receive help with your lawsuit funding in the form of a lawsuit advance. No matter where you live in the United States, we may be able to help you if you apply for a with us.Lawsuit Hotline is a lawsuit advance company that looks out for the plaintiff in lawsuits. Applying is very easy, and can be done online. Any questions or concerns you have can be answered by our professional staff.

Trucks are big, and having an accident with one may cause more than a little problem. Your car may have been totaled. You may have experienced injuries. Maybe you have needed medical attention, and need your medical bills taken care of. You may have a loved one who has sustained life altering or catastrophic injuries in a truck accident. Maybe you have even lost a loved one due to such an accident. Whatever the degree you or your property were hurt or injured at, you may be eligible for an advance when you are in the process of having a lawsuit settled.

When you are approved for your truck accident lawsuit advance funding, you should be able to receive your money on the same or next day after approval happens. When you receive your advance, you may use the money for anything. You can pay your bills, pay for a new car if needed, pay for child care while you wait for your lawsuit to settle, and take care of any number of things that need attention while you wait.

Repayment of a lawsuit advance from Lawsuit Hotline is contingent on your lawsuit being won. If you don’t win, you don’t have to pay it back. If you do win, you do have to pay it back, with payment expected when you receive your settlement award. There is no other advance like this one. It really is only an advance of money you likely have coming to you from the lawsuit.

Trucking accidents happen, and they happen more often than many truckers would like them to. If one has happened to you, and you are in the process of a lawsuit, we may be able to help you get through the entire process easier, with a lawsuit advance.