Quadriplegic Lawsuit:
Lawsuit Funding Can Help
Until Settlement Funds Arrive

Mar 16, 2010

Your life can change in the blink of an eye when a car crash or other accident makes you or a loved one a quadriplegic. A quadriplegic is someone who has a loss of mobility and movement in each of their four limbs. Most quadriplegics cannot care for themselves and they will need help doing even the most basic tasks for the rest of their lives. It is life-altering for everyone involved and it is typically not something that a person recovers from.
Certainly someone who becomes a quadriplegic will want to sue the person or company responsible for their injuries. A settlement or jury award is likely, due to the undeniable horror caused by such an injury. Compensation will include lifelong medical expenses, money to pay for an in-home nurse, as well as physical therapy. Given the emotional upheaval that such an accident can cause, you may also be able to receive additional money for your mental anguish that you can use to help you rebuild your emotional wellbeing that has been so damaged in the accident.
However, even if a large settlement is almost guaranteed, what can be done for someone who needs money for those things now, not two or three years from now when the lawsuit money is finally in their bank account? One common practice that has helped many injured people is to get lawsuit funding or an advance on their settlement. This means that you contract with a company specializing in this practice and they give you money that you so desperately need right now. Then, when you finally get your settlement, you pay the company back, typically with the company receiving a small fee for their involvement.
One such company, Lawsuit Hotline, has been in this business for many years and has an expert staff ready to assist you. They will evaluate your case, usually based on medical reports and accident reports, and can let you know soon whether your case qualifies for an advance. If you are able to work with them, the average turnaround is one to two business days. That is a far cry from the many years of waiting that you would have to do otherwise.
Although the idea of lawsuit funding may be new to you, it is not something that you should be wary of. You already have enough to worry about and deal with, and you should leave the waiting to a company like Lawsuit Hotline. In the meantime, you will already have the money for that much-needed therapist or the high-tech wheelchair that you can operate on your own to give you a little more sense of independence. There is no reason for you to suffer anymore than you already have. It is time for you to get the compensation that is coming to you and begin the long road of adjusting to the new life that you have been dealt.