After A Lawsuit Is Won at Trial, It Can Take Forever
To Get Monetary Compensation From The Verdict

Mar 16, 2010

Have you ever watched a movie or a television show that has a lawsuit involved in the plot? There are even some movies and dramas that are all about lawsuits. If you’ve caught any of these shows, you’ve likely seen people gather evidence and have seen scenes in a courtroom. Then the plaintiff wins their lawsuit and they jump with glee. But you often don’t see what happens after the lawsuit is won. Most of us assume that within a few weeks the person receives their check in the mail, but that is often far from the truth.

What Really Happens

You’ve taken the defendant to court, and you’ve rightfully won your case. The judge has decreed that you are deserving of money from the other person or company, due to an accident that they were responsible for due to negligence. So you’ve won your lawsuit, now you wait for your check. But it doesn’t come. Then you hear from your lawyer that the other party is going to try to refute the ruling, or that they’re filing paperwork that allows them to have plenty of time to pay you.
Believe it or not this happens far more often than not. Many people who win lawsuits, from those who win small lawsuits against a person to those who win large class action lawsuits, are not paid off very quickly. Some people even find that they have to take individuals back to court a few times in order to get the money that the judge has already decreed is rightfully theirs. If this is the case with you, you may want to look into lawsuit funding.

What is Lawsuit Funding?

When you take out a loan, you are responsible for paying back that loan and for paying back the interest. So even if your financial situation hasn’t changed, and you don’t have the funds available yet to pay for the loan, you are still held responsible for repaying the loan. Lawsuit funding doesn’t work that way. If your application is accepted, you get access to money that you can use to pay your bills or to pay for medical treatment. Unlike a loan, lawsuit funding is not paid back directly by you.
With lawsuit funding, the advanced amount is repaid back to the company who gave you the funding by the funds that you win from the lawsuit. That means, essentially, that if your application is accepted, you’re able to have fairly immediate access to some of the money that you wanted without having to wait for a check to come from the defendant. This allows you to pay your bills without having to worry about fees or your utilities getting shut off, allowing you to live much more comfortably while you’re waiting for your settlement. If you’d like to learn more about lawsuit funding, contact Lawsuit Hotline today for more information.