FAQ About Lawsuit Funding

Mar 22, 2010

Q: What is lawsuit funding?
Lawsuit funding is a way for plaintiffs to be able to get access to the cash that they may need in order to pay medical bills or monthly bills that they have been unable to pay due to being unable to work before the settlement is done. When you receive lawsuit funding, you are able to get funds instantly in order to help you to pay off your medical procedures as well as to pay all of the bills that you’ve been unable to pay due to not working.

Q: How do you get lawsuit funding?
The best way to get lawsuit funding is to go through a company who specializes in offering it. There are a number of companies who do, but it is vital that you ensure that the company you select is one that has a great deal of experience in lawsuit funding as well as one that has a good reputation. Lawsuit Hotline is one such company.

Q: Can I use lawsuit funding to go on vacation?
Lawsuit funding is given to plaintiffs who have a good chance of winning their cases. These are people who are suing others, often due to personal injury issues or accidents that have occurred that have kept them from working. Any lawsuit funding that you receive is yours to use as you need to, but most people use the funds to help them to pay for their bills and for any medical bills that arise.

Q: Will I have to pay the money back?
When you receive lawsuit funding, you are required to sign a form stating that the money that you are given will be paid back when your case is resolved.

Q: What if my case doesn’t win?
If the underwriter for the company has agreed that your case is a good one, they will tell the company that it is a good idea to give you the lawsuit funding. If you lose the case, however, you will not be required to pay back the money. That is because underwriters are very careful to make sure that they select cases that have a good chance of winning.

Q: My lawyer says that I shouldn’t use lawsuit funding – is it safe?
Lawsuit funding is safe as long as you have done some research into the company that you are going to be using. Unfortunately there are some companies out there who are not reputable. If you have made sure that you have done your research and have found a company that is reputable, using lawsuit funding is safe.

Q: How much money can I get for lawsuit funding?
That depends on the underwriter and on your specific case. Each financing situation is based on the case that is occurring and the settlement that you may be entitled to when you are going to court.