Filing A Lawsuit For A Herniated Disc
In Seattle, Washington

Mar 16, 2010

While Seattle, Washington, is known to be a great place of beauty and wonderment, as well as a place filled with great intellectual conversation, all of that is likely lost on someone dealing with a severe injury such as a herniated disc.

Herniated discs are extremely painful conditions in which the discs in the back wear down or are damaged by injury. The discs typically act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae in the spine and you can imagine how painful the condition is when the spine does not have these spongy areas in between each vertebra.

Some herniated discs occur just because the disc is worn down over time, as a result of genetics and age. In other cases, the hernia occurs when there is some kind of trauma to the back. This can be from an accident, for example. If you have a herniated disc that is the result of an accident, you may want to file a lawsuit. 

There are many reputable personal injury attorneys in the Seattle area that would be happy to give you a free consult on your case. You simply need to go in and talk with them about your injury, how it happened, and show them any medical documentation that you may have. It is useful if your doctor is willing to go on the record to say that your herniated disc is the result of this trauma or accident and can be blamed on that incident.
Once the attorney determines that someone is liable for your injury, they will likely begin working on your case right away. They will need to file documents in court, speak with any witnesses to your accident, and consult with your doctor. The opposing side will also want to talk with your witnesses and will probably hire their own doctor who will try to say that your herniated disc was not caused by a trauma, but is rather a degenerative problem that you already had. These are normal lawsuit procedures and you should not feel that you are being targeted for being untruthful.
Given all these steps, it can take months to even years for the whole process to play out. During this time, hopefully your back is improving with the aid of physical therapy and other medical treatment. All of that can be expensive, however, and your bills will probably start adding up. Even the most patient person, however, cannot afford to wait forever to receive a settlement award, so you may want to investigate the possibility of getting lawsuit funding. This can occur when a company gives you money now on the condition that you pay it back when your lawsuit settles with a positive judgment for you.

This is a great way to get the money you need now to help rehabilitate your back and get you on a healthy path. Your herniated disc may take many months to stop causing you pain and, at least in the meantime, your bills won’t be causing you mental pain, too.