Owners Are Responsible for
Dog Attacks or Bites

Mar 16, 2010

They say that dog is man’s best friend, and in most cases, it’s true. But many times we become so comfortable with our canine companions that we forget that they have teeth and that, at any time, they could bite. Even the most mild mannered of dogs has been known to bite if they are in extreme pain or if they feel threatened. If you own a dog and they bite someone else, the person who is bitten may be able to sue you for far more money than you may believe. They may even be able to see that your dog, your beloved companion, is destroyed.

Dog Attacks and Legal Worries

Someone who is attacked by a dog or who is even just bitten once can take another person who is responsible for the dog to court. The dog is the responsibility of the owner, even if they let someone else take care of the dog and that is when the dog bit. Any person who owns the dog is the responsible party for the dog, and are the ones who are to be held financially accountable if the dog bites.
If a person is bit by a dog, they can take the dog owner to court and can sue them for a fair amount of money, especially if they are seriously injured by the dog. They can also use lawsuit funding to help them to pay for their medical bills or their other bills while they’re waiting for the dog owner or his insurance company to send through the settlement check. That’s why, if you’re a dog owner, you should take great care with your dog, so that you don’t wind up owing someone else money.

How To Protect Your Dog From Getting Into Trouble

If you own a dog, it is vital that you make sure that your dog is in the best of care at all times so that the likelihood of them biting is decreased by a large amount. In order to do that, you should keep your dog leashed or fenced in at all times. The owner of a dog who is fenced or leashed in may not be held responsible for the bite because the person who was bitten clearly went into the dog’s area.
When your dog is off of his chains or out of his fenced in area, make sure you have him on a leash. Dog parks are really the only place where your dog should be allowed off-leash, and make sure that you watch him during that time closely. It is also a very good idea to take your dog to obedience classes so that you can make sure that your dog is trained to listen and follow your commands as much as possible, so that should the dog start to get upset, you can calm him down with just a few simple words. A little forethought can keep every dog owner from having to deal with a lawsuit.