Broken Bones From Accidents Due to Negligent
Circumstances Are Cause For A Lawsuit

Mar 16, 2010

Jane Simpson was walking out of the hospital building one day. She’d been in the hospital to have some blood work drawn. When she went to leave the building, her adult son pulled around the car to meet her at the front entrance, as Jane was in her 60’s and he was trying to be respectful and help his mother. As she walked out of the building and towards the car, Jane slipped and fell on the ice that the hospital had neglected to salt or scrape off of the sidewalk. The fall caused Jane’s hip to break and she later required a few pins in her hip to help her to walk without pain again.

 Jane’s story may sound like a freak of nature, but actually this happens very often. Many times people are negligent in taking care of their property, especially busy places like hospitals, and this causes people to actually slip and fall and to break their bones. In Jane’s case, the hospital paid for all of her medical bills, so she saw no need to take them to court, but in many cases, a company will not agree that they are liable for the accident and the broken bones and will refuse to pay any of the medical bills, likely to save money.
If you’ve been involved in an accident where you have broken a bone, it is a good idea to get representation as quickly as you can. There are statutes of limitations when it comes to bringing a lawsuit to court, and they vary state to state, so it is vital that you get a lawyer who works in your state and who is familiar with the specific laws of your state. As you will quickly discover, the lawsuit process is not a quick one, and often takes a fairly long time to get through.
That is why lawsuit funding is now available. Lawsuit funding is something that has only appeared in the last dozen or so years, and it has become a good option for many. Basically it allows you to have early access to the money that would be due to you should you, or have you, won the case. When you contact a lawsuit funding company, they will check into your case so that they can determine if they believe your lawsuit is a viable one. If they do, and your application is accepted, you can get an advance on your settlement fairly quickly in many cases.
This money can be used to help you to pay off medical bills or to pay some of your living expenses while you’re waiting for your lawsuit to make its way through the court system. And the best thing about non recourse lawsuit funding is that, should your case be lost, you do not have to pay back the money out of your pocket. Contact Lawsuit Hotline for more information.