With a Cash Advance, Life Goes On

Mar 17, 2010

There is nothing that may be as likely to put life on hold as having a lawsuit pending. It may be especially tempting to put everything on hold if you are the plaintiff and stand to bring home a substantial settlement when the case is over. In that case, you may want to take advantage of an option that would free up your finances and allow you the financial freedom you expect at the end of the lawsuit even sooner.

Taking out a cash advance settlement may be the answer to your predicament, if you have thought that life would have to be put on hold. When you take out a cash advance, life can go on as normal. You can continue to pay your bills and not fall into the financial hole that many people have fallen into while waiting for a case to settle.
What happens quite often when someone is waiting for a settlement is that they put everything on hold. They don’t make their regular bill payments for fear that their money will be needed for other things that the case may bring up. Some people may even take out a loan against the money they expect to win in the settlement, putting them deeper into debt than they may have already been.
Loans have a purpose, but that may not be the answer. What we do is offer a cash advance against at least a portion of what you expect to be awarded in the lawsuit. Not only that, when you take a cash advance with us, paying it back is contingent on the case being won. With lenders, you would have to pay back the entire loan, no matter how your lawsuit turns out.
Life can go on and be as good as ever when you are not afraid to spend money the way you normally do. You can keep up with your regular payments, bills, and the additional costs associated with having a lawsuit in progress, when you apply for and are accepted for an advance on your lawsuit settlement.
Living your normal lifestyle while you wait can help keep the stresses at bay, and keep you going with your hopes and dreams. Working to heal as much as you can, and taking the time to enjoy the things in life that you normally enjoy doing,

Why wait for life to go on when you can move forward now? When you apply for a lawsuit advance from us, you may be able to have the money on the same day you are approved. Keep on going, and let life go on while you wait for your settlement. After all, life doesn’t begin and end with lawsuits, and it shouldn’t be put on hold while you wait to see what is going to happen. An advance can help you have the confidence you need to keep on top of things until settlement.