What you need to know about car accidents in Kansas

Jun 01, 2010

If you have been involved in a car accident in Kansas that has necessitated the filing of a lawsuit on your behalf, you should know there is someone who can help relieve some of your financial stress while you are waiting for your lawsuit to conclude. Lawsuit Hotline Enterprises, LLC can help with advanced funding while your case is going through the legal process, which can oftentimes be quite lengthy

Lawsuit Hotline.com will review all the elements of your case and determine the chances for a successful outcome at the conclusion of your lawsuit. If your chances of winning look good, you may be eligible for an offer of advanced lawsuit funding. This funding can help with your daily living expenses and/or paying monthly bills that will not stop just because you find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit due to an unfortunate car accident. This advanced funding can be of immense help; it can relieve a certain amount of stress as you are trying to cope with the already stressful condition of having to endure a lawsuit.
Representatives at Lawsuit Hotline will need to see copies of certain documentation regarding your car accident in Kansas. This documentation includes: 1) a copy of the police report, and/or a witness statement or proof that the defendant’s insurance carrier paid for any property damage; 2) medical records pertaining to any injuries you sustained as a result of the car accident (i.e., MRI reports, X-ray records, any surgical reports or other details regarding injuries suffered or treatment provided, etc.); and 3) the defendant’s insurance information, including claim and/or policy number. Lawsuit Hotline will not contact the defendant or the insurance carrier; this information is needed, however, to help assess your lawsuit.
All information and details about your case are kept confidential by Lawsuit Hotline.com. Once your case has been evaluated and if an offer is extended to you, contractual agreements will be drawn up. When you and/or your attorney sign and return them, a check will be issued and sent to you. This advanced funding can be used for anything you wish; it cannot, however, be used to pay legal fees. The money is intended to help you through the expenses of daily life while you await the outcome of your lawsuit. It is strongly encouraged that this money be used for necessary purposes and not to be spent on frivolous odds and ends.
Lawsuit Hotline does not provide legal advice; we recommend you consult your attorney with any legal questions. You should also discuss receiving advanced funding with your attorney before you decide to accept any offers that are made. You should also know that, should your case not conclude successfully, you do not have to pay back any advanced funding you receive. Lawsuit Hotline bases its decision on whether or not to offer you advanced funding on the merits of your case and whether they determine it has a chance of concluding successfully in your favor.